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An amateur film produced by the Saltburn-by-the-Sea Centenary Committee, and probably filmed by Alderman W.H. Loraine, records the many formal and informal events that took place in the town to celebrate its centenary in 1961. The film opens with a message from Sir William Worsley, Bart., Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for the North Riding of Yorkshire, followed by the crowning ceremony of the Centenary Princess, Patricia Bowers. The film also shows a visit by the Bishop of York, the Most Reverend Arthur Michael Ramey to take part in a special service and parade held at Saltburn Parish Church.

Title: 1861 - 1961 Saltburn-by-the-Sea Centenary

Title: This year, 1961, Saltburn attains its centenary, and it was thought by many of our townspeople that some suitable programme should be arranged to commemorate the occasion. A meeting arranged by the Saltburnian Association decided to invite the Chairman of the Council to convene a meeting of representatives of all organisations in the town; and from this meeting a centenary committee was formed. It was agreed that the committee should arrange a programme which would enable as many of our townspeople, from the oldest to the youngest, to play an active part in presenting the events; and that they should be interesting and enjoyable so that those not taking part would join in the fun and support their efforts.

Title: The Centenary Committee - Joint Presidents: County Alderman W.H. Loraine, J.P. Councillor J.A. Burns, J.P - Chairman: Mrs A.S. Tonkin -Deputy Chairman: F. Ridley Shaw, Esq - Hon. Secretary: I.S.M. Smith Esq, B.A. - Hon. Treasurer: Councillor: E.V. Schofield - Editor: The Rev. A.C.A. Smith M.A. Representatives of the Local Authority and of other organisations of the town.

Title: Message from Sir William Worsley, Bart: Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for the North Riding of Yorkshire: I know of no county which is quite so beautiful and quite so attractive as our North-East coast, which stretches from Scarborough in the south to Saltburn in the north. Every little town and hamlet is a gem - every glimpse of cliff and bay delights the eye and Saltburn is the northern outpost of this entrancing county and its great stretches of sands, it picturesque situation and its background of moors gives it irresistible charm. Saltburn seems to me to have everything, and it has become a place of rest and contentment not only for the traveller, but also for the teeming population of the industrial North-East. I congratulate Saltburn on its centenary, and on the progress it has made; and I feel sure that it will always remain one of the most delightful places in the North Riding – William Worsley.

Title: Members of the committee of the Saltburn Improvement Company 1863, WR.I. Hopkins, Henry Pease, W. Cudworth, Isaac Wilson, Thomas MacNay.

The film shows an old photograph of the above men either sitting on chairs or standing on a veranda.

Title: Old Saltburn (c.1890).

Still of black and white pencil drawing of Saltburn.

Title: "On the Sands" (c.1890).

Still of black and white pencil drawing of Saltburn beach.

Title: Saltburn Today.

Still of black and white aerial photograph of the town. The film cuts to a view of the pavilion building, the beach and Skelton Beck as seen from Marine Parade. A carousel stands near the beach. A couple carrying a small child walk up Saltburn Road towards Marine Terrace. A view of Saltburn beach at high tide.

Saltburn Pier, as seen from the beach, and a cargo ship at sea in the distance. View of Marine Parade looking down onto Skelton Beck, covered in snow. This is followed by an exterior scene of Saltburn Parish Church also in the snow.

Title: Councillor J.A. Burns, Chairman laying foundation stone of flats for elderly person in Marine Parade on the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone in Alpha Place – Alpha & Omega 23rd January 1961

Still of black and white photograph of the above scene showing Councillor & Mrs J.A. Burns standing by foundation stone.

Title: Ladies Circle Presents Selection and Crowning of Centenary Princess Patricia Bowers, Ladies in Waiting Jennifer Redcliffe & Jill McEndo

A series of young women pose for a crowd followed by them standing on a small stage with the Mayor of Saltburn, possible Councillor J.A. Burns, who is giving a speech. He places a gown and them a flower crown onto the head of the Centenary Princess, Patricia Bowers. A young girl gives a bouquet to the Centenary Princess.

The film cuts to  Patricia Bowers is standing in a garden by a bush with yellow flowers.

Title: Children Day, Red Cross presents Baby Show, Winner, School Sports

The film moves to Saltburn Cricket Club where a group of children and teenagers sit on the ground around a table that is full of various wrapped packages and trophies. Four older women are sitting on chairs behind a table. A large crowd is gathered in the background. The Centenary Princess and Mayor hand out packages and trophies to various children. A women holding a baby is presented with a prize. A toddler sitting in a pram looking to camera.

The next sequence is of a series of fun sporting events. The first of these is a girls sprint. They race past the camera and across the finish line. There is another race for girls viewed from the finish line. A vicar stands behind a woman who is sitting on a chair surrounded by a number of children. There is a three-wheeled bicycle race for younger children which is followed by a go slow bicycle race for older boys. The final race shown appears to be a fathers race as they are all older males.

People enjoy themselves around the grounds.

The Centenary Princess waves to the crowds from the back of an open top car.

Title: Ladies Cricket Match, Saltburn Vs Wilton (ICI)

Besides a cricket pavilion a group of women talk with an umpire. Two women come out of the pavilion to bat, wearing leg pads and holding cricket bats. Scenes of the game in progress.

Title: 53rd Society presents "The Bride & the Bachelor"

Outside the Cosy Cinema two women and two men in costume sit behind a table. There is a banner over the table for production, "The Bride & the Bachelor". One of the men sitting in a car waves to camera.

Title: Fire on Top Floor

General views of Marine Parade showing the aftermath of a fire in three houses. There is extensive fire damage to the roofs of all the buildings. Fire engines are parked on Marine Parade and several long ladders rest against the side of the building. A view looking down Marine Parade shows people watching the fire crews and two women moving furniture from a building onto the street.

Title: Civic & Centenary Service of Thanksgiving (Councillor W.H. Loraine J.P, C.A.), Saltburn Parish Church Sunday 11th June 1961 - Address. The Right Honourable and the most Reverend Arthur Michael Ramey D.D. Archbishop of York and Archbishop Designate of Canterbury - Vicar Rev. A.C.A. Smith, M.A - Curate Rev D. Howard, B.D.

[B&W] Three men in religious garments, one carrying a large metal cross on staff, walking up a path towards camera. Girl Guides and Brownies flank them on both sides. The scene changes to a street where a marching band can be seen in the distance. Crowds stand along the path waiting for the procession to arrive. A marching band passes by, followed by a number of dignitaries including a man in mayoral chains. They march into a churchyard.

A group of nurses enter the church. Brass instruments and drums lay against the wall of the church. General views of the exterior of Saltburn Parish Church before a procession lead by a man holding a metal cross is shown exiting the church. Reverend Arthur Michael Ramey D.D wearing the garments of the Bishop of York exits the church and shakes hand with a man wearing ceremonial chains (Mayor?).

Title: Parade & Civic Parade & March Past of Teesside Civic Leaders, their Ladies & Local Organisations

[Colour] On a small stage set up on a road stands a man in mayoral chains. There is a view of large group of well dressed dignitaries and men in gowns and chains behind A series of processions pass the stage. Various organisations including a marching band, nurses, Cubs, Scouts, Girl Guides and several military groups.

Next, Saltburn Parish Church with the Bishop of York. Civic dignitaries exit the church passing the Reverend Arthur Michael Ramey D.D who talks to a number of people. A group of Brownies talk with the Bishop. The scene changes to show a marching band followed by the civic dignitaries marching down a street and walking under a bridge.

Title: Safe Driving Rally, Arranged by Road Committee.

A parade of cars, bikes and vintage cars on Marine Parade sets off in a time trial. The Centenary Princess sends them off. The scene changes to a car park near the pier where cars are shown manoeuvring through an obstacle course. The film cuts to show a number of vintage cars parked on some rough ground being looked at by groups of people. Others are seen getting into the cars and then driving along a road being watched by crowds of onlookers.

The scene changes to an open field. People and cars can be seen behind a rope in the near distance. A series of horses jump over a number of fences. A young woman is presented with a trophy. There are more shots of horses jumping fences. A train passes in the background during one of the jumps. A man is shown picking up a trophy from a rug, which is laid out on the ground. More horse jumping followed by a presentation of another trophy. A number of young children are shown riding small horses or ponies.

View of Saltburn railway station. A man gives a speech to an audience. Two people stand by the town clock while a group take photographs. The National Provincial Bank and other shops can be seen in the background.

Title: Tennis Club & Archery Tournament.

Views of a number of single and mixed doubles tennis matches being played on an exterior court. A number of local people and dignitaries enjoy a teatime meal.

Title: The Round Table presents Charity Fair in aid of Cheshire House, Marske-by-the-Sea

The scene opens with a man talking to a crowd on a small stage near to the pier and beach. In the background are four canvas tents. Children are in fancy dress costumes. We then see a series of women in fancy dress standing on the stage. There are many different costumes including a cowboy, a footballer, and another as a black-and-white minstrel. A group of four adults huddled around near a tent. A large crowd of onlookers are watching the event from the beach and sea wall.

Title: Selection and Crowning Pier Queen Winner

General views of a beauty contest where a group of young women in bathing costumes are posing on a small stage. Awards are then shown being presented to various winners. A sash and crown are presented to the winning lady who is posing for photographs with the other winners. The film cuts to show a number of smartly dressed older women on the stage, possibly taking part in another competition. A large bric-a-brac table containing various items. Crowds of people are on the pier as seen from beach. We are then shown on the pier where a large group of people are fishing. People are presented with prizes and pose for a camera.

Title: Danger Driving Through Old Bridge

[B&W} General view of a stone bridge with various cars, lorries and buses driving under it. Groups of children also walk under the bridge. A double decker bus just makes it under. [Colour] The film cuts to a large group of people crossing the road and walking near to the bridge.

Title: August 7th Demolition of Old and Building of New Bridge Completed by August 21st

The film shows a construction site where a truck and digger are clearing rubble and earth away. The scene moves to the top of the bridge where workmen are seen digging the new road.

Title: The Beach, August Bank Holiday, Sunday 1961

General views of the beach and pier as seen from the cliffs. The beach appears to be nearly full of people sunbathing or playing in the sea.

Title: Cricket - President & Centenary Match between Saltburn and Marske

Various scenes of a cricket match. This is followed by a scene showing a group of eleven men and women posing for camera on the pitch. We then see a group of women sitting at a table eating a meal inside a pavilion.

The film finishes with a fireworks display.