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NEFA 18624



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An amateur film made by William Loraine showing Saltburn beach on a busy summer’s day. The film also shows a garden party with bagpipe band that features the actor Roy Kinnear and a coach tour of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland.

The film opens with general views of the beach beneath Cliff House at Marske-by-the-Sea. The sea is rough and crashing onto the beach.

A panaramic views of Saltburn beach on a sunny day as seen from the promenade showing the beach with pier in the background. The beach is full of people either sunbathing or playing in the sand. A number of small fishing boats have been moored on the beach. Several tents have also been erected. An old man is walking through the pebbly section of the beach near to the promenade. He appears to be looking for something on the ground.

The film changes to Saltburn Pier and looks west towards the promenade. A number of people are playing various ball games on the beach. In the distance there, The Ship pub, and a number of other smaller buildings set into the cliff. The camera turns north to show the sandy beach and Redcar in the distance.

The sequence changes to show a  crowd of well-dressed people standing on a pebbled drive. A bagpipe band marches past dressed in tartan kilts and caps and beige shirts.

Four of the bagpipe players are standing around next to their drums talking. On a large lawn area crowds of well-dressed people are standing around talking. In the near distance, four men and a woman walk toward camera. One of the men is the actor Roy Kinnear. The camera then moves across the lawn and shows the crowds as well as Roy Kinnear dressed in a dark suit. A woman in a red dress and white hat holds the hand of a toddler dressed in blue dungarees. The toddler is holding a golf club and hitting the ground with it.

General view showing a sandcastle on a beach with paper flags in each corner. A young woman, seen previously with Roy Kinnear, is now wearing a dark dress and is digging around the sandcastle with a toy spade. A young man wearing a light suit with a yellow tie joins her. William Loraine joins them and helps on the sandcastle. Behind the three of them is another older man watching the others.

The film changes to show a smartly dressed woman stand next to a green and white painted house. She is joined by a group of other smartly dressed people who are standing beside a red Mini (Reg: NRS 670) and two coaches belonging to “F.F.& F. Ltd Coach Hires of Aberdeen”. A golden retriever follows another woman as she walks around the bus.

From the moving coach the film shows the passing landscape of the Cairngorms National Park: a fast flowing river with mountains in the background. A group of twelve people stand under the sign for the “Loirston Hotel” on Victoria Road in Ballater in Scotland. A white Jaguar car is parked in front of the hotel. There is a coat of arms which forms part of the signage above the shop of “E.W. Knowles – Qualified Opticians”, on the corner of Victoria Road in Ballater. Two coaches are parked in a driveway. Next to buses is a large sign that reads “Loirston Hotel”. Five women walk towards the coaches along Victoria Road. Back on the moving bus the coach drives along a road beside a river, possibly the River Dee. The white Jaguar car is following behind the coach.

A group of people are standing in a driveway in front of a modern extension to a stone church. Two large army trucks pass along a tree-lined road. The coach passes through a stone gate and along a tree-lined road. The film ends on a stone bridge passes over a fast flowing river.