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YFA 2900



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This is a film of a family from Clayton, a village near Bradford, on holiday at Brockley Hall, the Christian Endeavour Holiday Home in Saltburn, Cleveland.  The filmmaker visits the Hall with his wife and three daughters before returning to the railway in Clayton.

The film begins with the family arriving with cases at Brockley Hall, the Christian Endeavour Holiday Home in Saltburn, where the family are staying.  The large group of residents gather outside for a photograph.  They then walk down to the coast where there is a sign for a miniature railway and boating.  We see the miniature railway go and come back.  On the beach are two armoured vehicles which drive off.  They go up a cliff lift, passing a building with a sign for ‘Merrymakers’.  On the beach some young women play in the sand.  

Next they are at Staithes Railway Station, followed by showing a woman putting crabs into wooden crates.  Back on a beach a woman points her camera and the cine camera.  They go for a walk around the village.  A girl sits on the beach reading a comic.  A group of women go for a paddle in the sea.  Then there is a view from high up down onto the village and coast.  Some girls are seated on a park bench.  They then play some games on a lawn, including the game of racing whilst treading on wooden boards, and a game of table skittles.  They then all board a coach.  

Back on the beach a girl plays with a dog, and others play rounders, with the pier behind them.  Back in Saltburn, they again gather to pose for a photo.  They emerge from a church, and collect their cases to leave.  At the end mother and the two daughters (aged approx. 11 or 12) walk down Station Road in Clayton with their luggage, and the film comes to an end.