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YFA 571



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film documents the scenic sites of Saltburn-by-the-sea.

Title - Saltburn

The film opens with scenic footage of the town centre and its colourful gardens. This is followed by shots of the coastline where the beach is full of people. Waves slowly roll in along the wide beach. The long pier can be seen in the distance, and two cable cars make their way up and down the steep seaside hill. The film goes onto feature many of the scenic sites of Saltburn. These include the carefully landscaped flowerbeds, model railway, coastline, and historic ruins. There are shots of the pier and surrounding rolling hills which have been shot from the promenade at the top of the cliffs. There is also footage closer to town featuring different buildings and houses, and open-air swimming pool, and paddle boats. The day ends with a dark red sunset.

The next day, the filmmaker visits the Saltburn Viaduct. The structure, as well as the nearby waterfalls, can be seen. Again, much of the scenic landscape is documented before moving onto the caravan park. Many caravans are parked in lines, and there are also interior scenes taken in one of the caravans. The film closes with more footage of Saltburn and the surrounding area.