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YFA 1465



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This is a film of a family and friends holidaying on a boat on the Humber. Also included in this film are other events, including a wedding, time spent on a farm, an excursion on board the Queen Mary, and time at a school.

(B&W) The film begins on a sailing boat out at sea, being followed by another sailing boat. On board a boat moored in a harbour, a man takes off his shirt watched by a group of others, who then throw him overboard into the water. Some of those on board are shown in close up. Further out there is a paddle steamer.

The film switches to show three women and a man walking side-by-side down a street towards the camera, before returning to the people on the boat, moored in a harbour and out at sea. Inland, a man is jumping fences on a horse. Back on the boat the crew are jokingly getting spruced up using a broom. Again they head out to sea where there are other sailing boats. Members of the crew are shown in close up. A couple of women are at the steering arm. They take liquid refreshments. The film shows many of the other sailing boats who are close by, and a plane flying overhead.

Back moored up in the estuary, one of the holiday makers gets changed and the film shows some of the nearby small boats. The holidaymakers pose for the camera on the boat. They then make their way up a ladder onto the shore. Others are shown on the boat joking with the Captain. The film switches to a group of men out fishing in the sea on a boat with two rowing boats in tow, one of which fills with water. Back on the shore, possibly Filey, a woman holds her dog and some women and children are playing with a ball on the beach. They then climb onto some wooden groynes and generally lark about, doing handstands. A man pretends to throw a girl into the sea, and then wheels her around.

In a garden there is an aviary and a small dog, and then the holidaymakers are diving into and swimming in a river. They then take to some small sailing boats, followed by more diving into the river.

The film switches to a crowded backstreet where a wedding is taking place (see yfa 1464). A group of wedding guests line up and do a knees-up for the camera. Another couple are play acting. Many of the guests are filmed close up. A baby is held up for the camera. The film then briefly returns to the boat at sea and one of those on board having a drink.

(Col.) The film then switches to a procession of girls dressed in white with banners for Canada and Australia. A man in air force uniform approaches the camera carrying a young girl. A small boy drives a toy car. On crowded street, there is a cart with children sat on it covered in union jack flags. Two women and a boy stand outside a Constitutional Club, where another woman brings a baby up close to the camera. A man stands at a top window looking down accompanied by a Union Jack. Some women are in a large garden with children: one in a pram another on a tricycle. Then the film moves to a farm where a small boy stands in front of a cow, and then in front of some piglets. The boy then appears in a garden with an elderly woman, and then we see two more women.

The film then briefly shows some boats moored up and then a baby in a pram with the small boy. The boy is then seen on a ride at a fair. Some people stand outside a shop before the film returns to show a man diving off a boat, and then a man and woman walking with their son down a country road. People sit on the side of the river are filmed from a boat as it makes its way along. The boy poses with a woman and then a man in uniform.

(B&W) A woman is sitting on the lawn of a garden with a small boy and two dogs. The woman takes off the boy's leggings and he sits on a tree stump stroking a dog and plays in the garden.

(Col.) Passengers and crew are filmed on board the Queen Mary cruise ship waiting to sail. A band is playing. Other ships and tugs are shown, including a sailing boat with the slogan 'Don't be vague' printed on the sail. Passengers on the Queen Mary line the decks and wave as it is pulled out of the harbour by tug boats. The film switches to a street in a city, possibly, London where a couple of route masters, with Coca Cola adverts, wait at traffic lights.

There is then a brief film of travelling in a train before returning to the boy and a dog in the street outside his house.

(B&W) The film switches again to a school lawn where high school girls are performing country dances before an audience. They perform another dance in a circle with each of them having a ball. There is a short film of younger school children playing in the area before returning to young women doing country dancing wearing traditional costumes.

Back in a garden, a small boy and girl are sitting on the grass watched by a woman. Then to a corn field where there is a small boy and an older boy in school uniform. A harvester goes by cutting the corn, and the boys makes themselves a den within the cut corn bushels. They walk through a yard full of geese. A combine harvester is in action with a lorry alongside collecting the wheat. Women collect some of the cut corn and make it into bushels, before getting into a car. A man ushers along a small boy and girl together with the older boy.

The film switches to a garden in winter with snow on the ground. A woman is collecting firewood and plays games in the snow with the dog. Then back to summer and a game of doubles on a tennis court, where some boys are also playing. Then some people leave a building, possibly at a school parent's day, and have a walk around. The four adults and two teenage boys walk towards the camera with a fountain in the background. They walk past a neo-classical building. One of the boys eats a cherry. They walk through the grounds. Some of them are filmed close up, including one of the boys indoors. A Mi-Val Mivalino 'bubble car' drives into the school, pulls up and is examined by some of the older students. A group of older students form a pyramid of 'flying angels' and lark about for the camera.

The film switches to a group of men doing a tour of a farm, and then we see some long metal rods and other building materials being loaded onto lorries. Next an airplane is taking off being filmed from inside close to the wing, and showing the ground down below, and then coming in to land. A very brief clip from a newsreel, 'In the News', is filmed on a TV before a closing credit:

ILM (?) Productions. The End.

(Colour footage 1935 Kodachrome with severe magenta fade. Colour stock comes in at about 430-500ft and 547-600ft.)