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YFA 3227



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This safety film, made by the Humberside Police, illustrates the dangers of carelessness at home and in public. This film uses scenarios to depict what silly acts will cause accidents and then at the end shows the alternative and safer way to do things.

Title-Directed by Roy Denton, Scenario and titles Erin Shaw, Photography Edgar Mennell.

Title-Edited by Ronald Dally.

Title-Just an ordinary family.

A family sit around the table having breakfast.

Title-Starting the day's work.

The father gets up from the table and goes out the door. The son takes a banana and goes out of the door too. Outside the front of the house, the mother kisses her son and daughter goodbye and they skip down the path on their way to school. They skip out of the gate but the boy leaves it open.

Title-Careless Boy!

In the next shot the boy is walking down a road peeling a banana; he throws the skin on the ground. The grandfather comes out of the house and walks down the path while admiring the flowers. He goes out of the gate but locks it behind him and then proceeds to walk down the road. He slips on the banana skin that was thrown on the ground by the young boy. A man and a woman come over and help him and get him back up on his feet; they flag down a car and help him into the back of it.

Title-A stolen ride.

A lorry drives down a road in Hull and a young boy skips along behind it. The father's car drives down the road behind it and hits the boy. Another young boy runs over to a public telephone and calls for an ambulance. A Hull City Police Ambulance drives out of the garage and drives to the scene of the accident.

Title-Must be paid for!

The ambulance men carry the boy into the ambulance and a woman gets in with him.

The daughter walks down the road on the way to school and calls out to her friends who are on the other side of the road.

Title-Molly! Wait for me!

They wave at her and then she walks onto the road without looking and almost gets hit by a car.

A woman is sitting beside the fire with her baby. She puts the baby down on the floor as she fills a metal bath with water from a kettle. She goes off, leaves the baby alone, and through a quick edited shot, makes it look like the baby pulled the bath over and scalded itself. She runs back and holds the baby tightly to her. A newspaper article comes up on the screen and it reads `Another Child Badly Scalded, Mother, Safety First Best Rule at Home'.

The next scene opens on the top deck of a moving bus. The father goes down stairs and tries to get off while the bus is moving.

Title-Do not alight until the bus stops.

He steps off the bus and falls to the ground hurt. The bus conductor and a passenger get off the bus after him and carry the man back onto the bus.

Title-One way to relieve the burden on our hospitals.

The next shot is of a sign outside the Hull Royal Infirmary; they are looking to raise money by getting donations. A nurse stands outside with a collection box and when people put money into it she gives them a sticker.

Title-You should be proud of our hospital but try to keep out of it!

This is followed by shots of the infirmary grounds, the large wards with some patients and the children's wards.

Title-The Better Way.

Title-If you are careful with your peel, there'll be no broken limbs to heal.

The young boy walks along the street peeling another banana; he sees a bin with a `safety first' sign and puts it in.

Title-She realised that her safety lay in looking carefully each way.

The young girl waves at her friends and looks right and left as she crosses the road.

Title-The wise precaution she is taking saves baby pain and her heart from breaking.

The mother puts the baby on the ground and takes a jug out of the baby's reach. She adds the hot water when she comes back and then bathes the child.

Title-The only way to avoid the worst is to always remember `Safety First'.

The father waits until the bus stops before he alights and walks down the street. He walks up the path of his house and is greeted by his son, daughter his wife.

Title-It is much nicer at home than lying in hospital.

The family goes indoors.

Title-A foolish act which-as you'll see, may end in a catastrophe!

A man stands behind a pile of wood and has a sneaky smoke break. He throws his cigarette on the ground.

Title-The Alarm! Electric signals clear the way for the Fire Brigade.

Shots of a man in the control room in the fire station, the firemen sliding down the pole and then going out in the engine. Shots of Hull city centre as the engines drives to the fire.

The men pull down a section of fence to allow their fire hose through.