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ICI Billingham Division Safety Department production that shows the safe way of doing routine jobs in the anhydrite mine. Miners working underground illustrate the correct methods. Each section discusses the right safety routine for the job. The film contains a false ending as a prelude to a member of the safety executive making a chatty warning speech with a broad Yorkshire accent.

Title: The Safe Way

Credits: Production Unit - Sydney Boyle, Norman Reese, Harry Reedman, Commentary Spoken By - Lionel Marson, Sound Recorded By - United Motion Pictures Ltd. Noiseless Recording - Monogram of the letters 'UMP'

Title: A Billingham Film

Title: The Purpose of This Film Is To Show The Safeway of Doing Routine Jobs in the Anhydrite Mine.

Title: The Film Was Produced In Collaboration With the Billngham Division Safety Department and Representatives of the Anhydrite Mine Safety Committee.

Title: Demonstrated By - Alfred Arnold, Sydney Callaghan, John Dixon, Alexander Geddes, Henry Hall, John Harrison, Thomas Hornby, William Palmer, John Parvin, William Temple, William Wright

Title: Lifting A Pulley Block - The Safe Way

The film opens with a miner carrying a pulley block walking up an inclined path parallel to the mine face. Rubble can be seen on the floor all around. He drops the pulley block on to the rubble. The camera pans upwards to to show the securing bolt to which the pulley will be attached. The miner moves some of the rubble so he has a secure footing, before lifting the pulley block. He succesfully makes the manoeuvre and secures the pulley to the securing bolt.

Title: Lifting Sections of Rail Track - The Safe Way

A small section of rail track sits on some rock debris. A miner walks to one end of the track, another miner stands at the other end. The second miner calls to his colleagues for help. The men move to positions between the rails before lifting. In unison they lift the track and carry it away.

Title: Replacing Derailed Tubs - The Safe Way

Five tubs lie stationary on a curved section of rail, just before a set of points. The first of the tubs has come off the track. Three miners approach the set of tubs and inspect the derailed tub. One of the miners fetches a lifting plank which will be used to lever the tub back onto the rails. He lifts the plank onto his shoulder and takes it to the set of tubs. The tub is loaded with rock and weighs, as the narration states, about 33 hundredweight. One of the other miners puts a supporting length of wood across the track in front of the derailed tub. He puts another piece of wood on top of the first piece. Another miner decouples the four other tubs behind the derailed one. These four are moved back up the track well away from the derailed tub. A 'sprag' is placed in the wheel of the first of the four tubs, to stop them moving.

Two miners place one end of the lifting plank underneath the buffer of the derailed tub at a point just beyond the supporting pieces of wood. Three of the miners use their weight on the length of the lifting plank to maneouvre the front two wheels of the tub back onto the track. They then lever the other end of the tub in the same way, so that all four wheels are now back on the track. The commentator sums up the safe procedure.

The next sequence shows how an empty tub can be man handled back onto the tracks. One of the miners places his hands incorrectly on the tub before lifting. At first he puts his hand under the buffer before lifting. The commentator states this is is an incorrect position for safe lifting. The miner then puts his hand over the buffer, this is also incorrect. He then places his hand at the bottom corner of the tub which is the safest place. Then with straight backs against the body of the tub the miners manouevre the tub back onto the track.

Title: Lifting and Carrying the Bench Bar - The Safe Way

The bench bar is 17 feet long, two miners lift one end of it. Four men will be required to lift and carry it to another location. Two miners inspect the route over which the bench bar will be carried. They remove any rocks and debris in their path. Next they organise a safe lift. The heaviest end is lifted first. Three miners are involved in the lift. Hands are placed on opposite sides of the bar. The miners use their legs to make a safe lift. The bar is place on the first carrier's sholuder. Then two miners go to the other end of the bar to make the lift the same way as the first. The bar is placed on the corresponding shoulder of the rear carrier. The two other miners walk alongside each carrier. Only two carriers take the weight of the bar. If all four miners carry the bar there is a risk that, over uneven ground one carrier may experience disproportionate weight loading to the other three, therefore risking injury. At the prepared location the bar will be lowered onto two square blocks. The two other miners accompanying the main carriers grab hold of each end of the bar at the same time as the main carriers, they then lower the bar onto the blocks.

Title: Coupling Tubs - The Safe Way

A miner grabs the coupling mechanism of a loaded tub. An empty tub approaches the miner at a rapid pace along the railway track and hits the buffer of the loaded tub. The miner at this point successfully couples the two tubs. The miner couples two more tubs in the same way. The commentator points out that the movement of the hand after coupling of the tubs is important for the safety of the person carrying out the coupling manoeuvre. In slow motion the film shows the how the hand that performs the coupling is removed quickly but passes between the buffers of the approaching tub and the stationary tub. A piece of timber is used to demonstrate what might happens to a hand if it is trapped between two buffers. The end of the piece of wood is smashed into splinters. The correct method is to withdraw the hand upwards, not sideways where the risk of a crushed hand is almost certain. The coupling of the tubs is seen again using the correct technique.

Title: The En...

A  shout of 'cut' is heard. The music grinds to a halt and a voice is heard saying - 'Wait a minute - it isn't quite the end'

A man speaks to camera about safety, and that fellow workers should not be complacent about their own safety in the workplace. He strengthens this message with an anecdote from personal experience.

Title: A Billingham Film

Title: The End