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YFA 3180



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This is a promotional film for the Sailors’ Children’s Society which documents the work of the organization with sailors and their families.

The film opens with a sinking ship and then cuts to a memorial tablet in a chapel.  The Welfare Officer then explains his duties and the duties of the origination as he walks around the chapel cleaning and arranging different things.

At one of the branch locations, there is a group of children playing cricket by the seaside.  And at the Newland Estate, there are clips of the different foundations stones of the various buildings to show its evolution and growth through the years.  Also, the exterior can be seen of the St. Nicholas primary school.
In one of the homes, there is a girl baking and cooking, overall helping to take care of the house matters with the house mother.  Together they prepare a meal for which all the children gather around the table to take part.  The boys help in the washing up after the meal, and afterwards, the members of the house play monopoly, a game of cards, and ping pong. 

On family day, there are many different races and events which take place for the children and adults.  Some of these include:  foot races, sack races, obstacle course races, and tug of war.

A widow and her four children are sitting in their living room.  The widow explains how the society has helped her as she lost her husband at sea. 
Christmas time is a time for celebration at Newlands.  Everyone gathers together for a mealtime party as they sit around large tables wearing Christmas cracker hats.  There is also entertainment for the party performed by both the children and adults.  This entertainment includes a hula dance, other dramatic performances, and a magic show.  At the end of the night, Father Christmas makes an appearance and hands out gifts to all the children. 
In the spring, there is an annual carnival which is held for fundraising.  The estate is turned into a fairground to which up to 20,000 people come to annually.  Even the Lord Mayor is present.  Here, there are various carnival rides, clothing sales, toy sales, and wall climbing. There is also a show featuring large inflated dinosaurs which a large crowd gathers around to watch.  Additionally, there is a hot air balloon launch, a performance by a uniformed band, and a Welly (Wellington boot) throwing tournament in order to raise money. 

George, the gardener, has spent most of his life at the Newland Estate.  He speaks about how he was raised there, and after his experiences during the war, he returned to the Estate in order to help take care of the grounds and the children there.  He can be seen gardening with the assistance of two boys. 
At the house opened for elderly sailors, two men make their way to the yard and play with some of the younger children explaining the expansion of the organization to care for the entire sailing community.

Summer holiday time - members of Newlands pack up suitcases and make their way onto many buses for some time away from the Estate. 
The final scene of the film features a sailor and his family.  The man makes his way onto a ship, North Sea Ferries, explaining how his wife is no longer with them, but he can work easily knowing his family is being looked after by the Sailors’ Children’s Society.
The film then closes with credits -
Sound Carton Film Productions
Camera and Editing Jack Gibson (Hull Cine Club)