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A short promotional film by Derek Mathieson for the RAC / ACU motorcycle training scheme in Darlington. The film shows pupils learning to handle various types of motorbike at a training centre and out on the road around the town.

Title: The producer wishes to thank Mr Bailey and staff of the RAC ACU training scheme for their advice and co-operation during the making of this fim.

Credit: DM

Credit: A film by Derek Mathieson

Title: Safe Riding Gets You There

The film begins with views from the central reservation of traffic on a motorway. Overhead shot of the lanes of traffic. A motorcyclist rides past on a country road. A point of view shot from a vehicle behind the motorcyclist documents his approach into a town.

Close-up of the RAC/ACU Training Scheme emblem. Trainees are instructed in a classroom. The instructor writes on a blackboard. [dark footage]

Outside, moving around an industrial area of town with warehousing in sight of an electricity pylon, learner drivers on motorcycles and scooters are trained in hand signals, clutch control and emergency stop. They complete an obstacle course testing them in bike control.

Next, there's a phantom car ride through the streets of Darlington following a bike as it travels along Haughton Road, through the town centre along High Row, Crown Street and Tubwell Row. Various shots record the trainee motorcyclists riding around Darlington.

Outside 'The Kart House' motorcycle shop two people window shop. Inside a few bikers are inspecting the bikes on sale. The learner drivers continue travelling around the Darlington roads. In the final low angle shot, a stationary motorcyclist without learner plate speeds off down a country road at the edge of town, riding into the distance. A shot from the roadside then captures him speeding past.

End Credit: The End