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YFA 2537



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A short film which dramatises the hazards found in a coal pit specifically in relation to electricity.

Men enter the pit, and a fire breaks out.

Title - Safe Power Underground Is Your Responsibility.

There is a severely injured man on the ground covered in burns, and the narrator explains that one cannot ignore the power of electricity. Carelessness and inattention can cause injury.

A woman performs a scientific demonstration looking at the dangers of electrical fires. This is followed by a look at an armoured cable and how it is made. Applying a flame for five minutes, a man demonstrates how this type of cable will not hold the flame for more than thirty seconds. However, if the cable is broken, it is a fire hazard. Proper storage, securing, and use are then demonstrated by miners in the pit.

Conveyor belts are also needed to be maintained as the motors could cause a dangerous shock or fire. The narrator highlights that one should keep on the safe side of electricity, and use equipment such as drills, in a safe manner. One of the miners has not done so, and when his co-worker picks up the drill, the motor sparks causing a fire.

Title - The End.