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YFA 5705



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This is one of several exceptional films made over a seven year period by Bill Davison of Selby Cine Club.  This is a film of the Sealed Knot Society recreating a Civil War battle at Hambleton Hough.  The film is accompanied by a soundtrack from the 1970 film ‘Cromwell’ with Richard Harris.

Scorpio films presents:  The Sabbath Fighters
Production John Smith, Bill Bradley
Photographed and Directed by Bill Davison 

The film opens on Gawthorpe, looking towards Selby Cathedral, with pedestrians and traffic going past.  A commentary gives some background on the Sealed Knot Society, a group that performs historic re-enactments of the Civil War.  It also includes some background on the Civil War itself.  The commentary states that, although 13 were injured in a similar event last year, this is not thought of as bad, and that most people, when asked, say that they participate as an escape.  There are hundreds of participants, some shown in their historic outfits having a beer.  

The event begins in the town, looking out for traitors and witches, who are found and hauled off.  They then march to Hambleton Hough.  Here the two sides line up for battle, which commences.  This is filmed usually with a hand-held camera, getting up close to the battle scenes, which are realistically enacted, with much blood.  The whole scene is accompanied by passages from the 1970 film ‘Cromwell,” with Richard Harris as Cromwell, having a verbal dual with King Charles I, played by Alec Guinness.  Both characters give some inspiring speeches.  The film ends with a sword superimposed on a sunset over the hill. 

Title – Scorpio films