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NEFA 22241



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This amateur film documents Local Defence Volunteers at Ryton near Gateshead undergoing drill and training, as they prepare to join the countrywide defensive force soon to become the Home Guard.

Title: Ryton Home Guard - Early Training

Title: This is a record of our beginning. By the time you see it, you will be able to do things better. (Much better we hope, sez you!) 'Very Ordinary' the film critcs will say. But then we're ordinary folk.

Title: Musketry & Aiming Drill

Title: Anyway. We are 'seeing ourselves, as other see us' a good thing to be able to do! And remember, we haven't the resources of Paramount, or G.B. or Hollywood behind us - and we're not glamour boys. So let's get on with it!

The film opens with men going through rifle drill in a field. Some of the men wear uniforms, others are still in civilian clothes.

Title: I asked for demonstrations of standing, kneeling and lying load. I got them - altogether.

More views follow of the rifle drill, with the uniformed men standing, kneeling or lying on the ground. They aim and 'fire' their rifles.

Title: Tests of Elementary Training. Remember them! 1 Aimimg, 2 Trigger Pressing 3 Snap-Shooting 4 Rapid Fire. This drilling may not have been so hot, but it was the best we could get!

Men lie on the ground aiming rifles at targets placed on sticks and held by other men who lie on the ground facing them. They go through a routine of aiming and firing.

Title: Platoon Drill

Men go through platoon drill with rifles, some still in civilian clothes. The uniformed men march in front of those still in civilian clothes. They turn and march in the opposite direction.  A closer view follows as the men walk past the camera. Those not in uniform wear armbands, which display the letters LDV (Local Defence Volunteers).

The men march along a perimeter path outside a large house.

Title: Church Parade

Title: Rather dull for our first Church Parade. 'The sun shines on the righteous'. What does that make us?

Another group of men, all in uniform, march past the house.

Title: Wrong & Right. Spot Them?

A single volunteer in uniform performs parade and rifle drills for the camera. The camera films from different angles as he goes through his routine. He then lies on the ground and goes through aiming and firing drill. Again the camera films from different positions.

Title: Browning - Stripping.

Title: Up the suicide squad! Remember all the parts - not 'this thing' and 'that thing' mind you!

A close up records the process as a volunteer strips down a Browning automatic rifle. Varoius parts of the rifle as they are removed by the demonstrator are shown in close up.

Title: Miniature Range

Title: As you watch this remember 1. 'correct' position (when there are no Huns about) 2. The three rules of aiming.

A volunteer lies on the ground going through an aiming and firing routine. In the distance a small target is pinned to a stake of wood placed in the ground.

Title: And 3.'Who Won the Sweep?' Ask the Platoon Commander!

A group of volunteers take a breakf, some smoking, some holding the target cards in their hands. One of them smiles at the camera. The target practice continues with a volunteer again aiming at a target.

Title: Shooting ! Automatic

Title: Tales of the 'terrible recoil' of the Browning 'debunked'.

Title: Some results of Sergt. Cooper's work. No! They're not 'fire-dancers'!

Volunteers rest rifles on sandbags as they fire at targets.

Title: The O.C. Company takes a 'busman's' holiday.

Two men, one in uniform, the other in civilian clothes, stand and pose for the camera. A rifleman aims and fires at a target, resting his rifle on sandbags.

In a field, a single volunteer rifleman lies on the ground to take aim with his rifle. He aims towards the camera. From another angle, he rests his rifle on a large stone to take aim. In the background, a bemused horse looks on, then continues grazing. In the next sequence he attaches a magzine to the rifle before taking aim.

Title: Training Does Tell

Title: Some results of - Sergt. Cooper's work. No! They're not 'fire-dancers'!

A view follows of a home guard platoon on parade in a field. They undergo some slow manoeuvres. Then carry out some marching across the field.

They stand at ease with their rifles. They then slope arms, and march forward. [some overexposed film follows as the film ends]