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YFA 558



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This is a film showing some aspects of life and farming around harvest time in the area around Great Ayton in North Yorkshire.

The film begins with a street sign for Great Ayton, followed by a red sunset and then a daytime view of Roseberry Topping overlooking Great Ayton, and some other parts of the village. 
Title – A story about BREAD by J. W
Scenes from Gt Ayton, Carlton, Swainby, Stokesley

At a wedding, a man throws confetti over the bride.
Title – Some time later

A montage follows used to represent the lapse in time between the wedding and the birth of the couple’s first child:  a woman makes a phone call, an ambulance sets off, a pelican, a bag, the sign for ‘Overdene Maternity Home,’ a baby being baptised, and the baby having her nappy changed, and finally a young girl knelt by her bed praying.

Title – Give us this day

A farmer ploughs a field with a tractor.

Title – The seed time

The farmer then sows the field, again using the tractor.  The first shoots of the crop are beginning to show.

Title – Rogation Sunday at

This is followed by a street sign for ‘Carlton.’ 

A group of boy choristers lead a procession out of a church and into a field where, led by the vicar, they gather together to sing.  Next, two combine harvesters are at work in a field, and there is a sign on a round stone for ‘The Mill.’  In the distance, there is an old mill by a street near a small bridge crossing.

Title – The Mill had now been dismantled

The waterwheel driven by water and rotating the mill.  A bag of grain (BOCM) is pulled by a chain, through a trap door, and up to the top of the building.  At the top, the bag is untied and the grain is poured into the mill where it will be ground.

There is a road sign for ‘East Anorove’, and the outside of a house covered in flowers.  In the kitchen, an elderly woman puts flour into a bowl.  She goes onto knead the mixture and make it into cakes.  The cakes are baked in an old coal range, and when they’re finished, she takes out freshly baked bread and bread cakes.  A small boy knocks on the door, and the woman makes him some jam and bread. 

Title – Blackcurrant

The boy sits on a bench eating his bread and jam which he quickly polishes off.  At a church, several women decorate in preparation for the Harvest Festival.  In a garden a woman breaks up some bread to put on a bird feeder.

Title – The man who feeds the ducks

A man throws bread into a river.  Inside the Spencer café, a woman is having a meal.

Title – Remember these?

A woman flicks through the pages of a ration book.  A group of people eat fish and chips in a street, and then the film moves to show a street sign for Kildale.

Title – A Mell Supper

A large group of people sit around tables enjoying cakes and tea.  The film then switches to show eggs being sorted on a conveyer belt and packaged.  In the next scene, small baby chicks are shown squashed together in trays covered in wired mesh.

Title – Milk Bar

On a pig farm, piglets run across the field, and one of the piglets suckles from its mother.  Sheep are sheared, after which, these sheep graze in a field. 

Title – Modern Oliver Twist

The small boy returns to the elderly woman who gives him a cake and biscuit.  The film then shows a sunset through trees and a rainbow.

The End