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NEFA 21915



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This short amateur film by Stephen Gray documents the 'Run With the Stars' Newcastle Theatre Royal Appeal event to raise money for the theatres refurbishment in around 1985. Includes the celebrity guests Alan Robson of Metro Radio and Wendy Gibson, BBC Look North presenter. The film also features local actor Billy Fane who would go on to star in 'Byker Grove'.

A young man gets out of a car in Newcastle city centre, fixes on his race competitor number [1491] and poses for a portrait. He jogs across a car park off Haymarket. Genral view of J R Murray's sea horses on the carillon of Newcastle Civic Centre.

The young man jogs up Northumberland Street, BHS store in the background.

A general view follows of the top of Grey's Monument. People are beginning to gather at the Monument Metro entrance, the start line for the 'Run with the Stars' event. The North Tyneside & District Pipe Band (formerly known as both Whitley Bay and District Pipe Band and then the Macgregor Pipe Band) are performing in full regalia of tartan kilts and bearskins. A man dressed in a clown outfit rattles an appeal can to collect donations. Some runners are limbering up amongst the crowd.

Competitor No.1491 is waiting at the start, his hands in his pockets, opposite a booksellers, probably Waterstones in the Emerson Chambers building. A crane looms over a corner building at the Monument. A woman in riding gear holding the reins to a white horse smiles at camera.

A fancy horse and carriage is parked at the Monument square. A gent in a bowler hat and a woman in a pink cloak (probably Alan Robson of Metro Radio and Wendy Gibson, BBC Look North presenter) are standing nearby. Close-up of a horse's hoof pawing the ground. Wendy Gibson (still dressed in the pink cloak) signs an autograph book for a couple of women. Standing nearby is local actor Billy Fane in costume.

Competitor No.1491 jogs up to the start line. A man dressed as a cavalier rides a horse towards the finish line, waving his hat to the crowd.

Various shots follow of the competitors in the run heading through central Newcastle streets. The horse and carriage (previously seen) drives along the route with the runners. A few spectators clap on the runners.

A man minds a stall selling Mars bars. Wendy Gibson is stroking the cavalier's horse. People are huddled around Wendy Gibson who is signing more autographs.

Competitor No.1491 holds up a certificate to camera after completing the run.