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YFA 674



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This is a film of the first rugby league game in the test series between a Great Britain team and Australia. It was played at Headingley, Leeds, on Saturday October 9th 1948.

The film opens with someone holding up an official programme: The Rugby Football League - First Test Match: Great Britain versus Australia - at Headingley, Leeds: Saturday October 9th 1948. Next players are seen disembarking form a coach, and others associated with the team are standing around by the coach. Next the Australian team arrives. Out on the pitch the captains toss for kick off. Two teams come onto the field where they line up to be greeted by various dignitaries. England are wearing white with a 'V' on the shirt, Australia are wearing green with a 'V' on the shirt. The Australian team perform a ceremonial dance, similar to the New Zealand haka, in front of the England team who squat in a line in front of them.

The teams warm up before Australia kick off. Filmed close up from the side of the pitch, the film shows quite a lot of rugby action, including several tries and attempted kicks, from Australia and England. At one point a dog comes onto the pitch. Someone else is shown filming from a platform up in the stand. At the end of the match some of the packed crowd are walking across the field to make their way out. The film finishes with a close up of the Union Jack flying in the wind.