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YFA 3198



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This film documents the fundraising activities of the research ship Discovery for the Sailors' Children's Society through the sponsored shave of the Chief Engineer and a darts competition.

The film opens with titles with a picture of the ship in the background

Title - The Royal Research Ship Discovery Cruise 176 Lisbon to Tenerife
National Environment Research Council (NERC)
A Charity Evening for the British Sailors' Children's Society
The Chief Engineers Sacrifice

Capitan McDermott (sp?) gives some opening remarks about the night's events introducing Chief Engineer Paul Gego(?) who will shave off his beard for charity. £295 has been raised by this point.

The Chief Engineer Paul is seated in a chair with a white towel wrapped around him. The barber beings to cut off his beard with a pair of scissors while the people gathered to watch are laughing and making jokes. There are also many flashes going off during this time as people are taking pictures. The barber then begins to shave off the rest of the beard with an electric razor, and once the majority of the beard is gone, Paul is sent to the sink to give himself a proper shave. He emerges a few minutes later clean shaven and poses for a picture with the ship's Capitan.

Title - And so, after 11 years, Paul is clean shaven again - But for how long?
Title - The evening's fund raising continued with darts match; the loser of each match playing a forfeit of at least £1

There are men playing darts, each taking a turn at one dart board. There is also lots of laughing and music in the background. The Captain and Paul both take their turn at a game of darts, and there is a small crowd gathered around near a small bar.

The film then closes with the Captain giving a speech thanking everyone for their generosity in raising £311 for the Sailors' Children's Society.