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YFA 4716



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This is a film of the celebrations in Malton of the Royal Wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana. It features a parade through the town with an impressive array of floats.

The film begins showing a road in Malton, followed by a photo of Prince Charles and Diana on their wedding day. The bells are ringing at St Michael's Church, Malton. The King's Head and Royal Oak pubs, and the nearby shops have bunting of Union Jacks. A parade is headed by a young girl in historical costume pushing a pram decked in red and white stripes, followed by a marching band, majorettes and many brightly coloured and intriguing floats.

One of the floats has a large crown made of flowers, and people in costumes from Alice in Wonderland. Another has children wearing traditional Arab dress, keffiyehs, with a banner stating, 'At the Wedding in Cana' (Jesus turning the water into wine at a wedding feast). Another float has women dancing in grass skirts to Caribbean music. These are followed by a Salvation Army band and more majorettes. More floats include one for the Evening Press made up as a cardboard boat, and another for, 'coal - fuel of the future', followed by one for the munch bunch, a 'Buy British' float, And a float re-enacting the wedding with bride and groom, the archbishop and a giant wedding cake. Further floats include ones for HMS Britannia, the space shuttle, Ryedale co-op, a windmill and lastly, a colourful gypsy caravan being pulled by a horse.

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