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YFA 1922



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This is a documentary film by Independent Television of the Duke and Duchess of Kent’s wedding in York on June 8th, 1961. It includes the Duchess of Kent leaving the family home of Hovingham Hall, the service inside the Minster, and the return to Hovingham.

The film begins showing a young girl waving a Union Jack. Next, the bride-to-be and her father are leaving the family home of Hovingham Hall, Malton. The wedding car is cheered by crowds lining the road.  There is commentary on the bridal dress.

The location shifts to the entrance of York Minster, where members of the Royal family arrive: the Queen Mother, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Lord Snowden, and a young Prince Charles.  The film returns to the bridal car and the crowds watching as she leaves Hovingham.  It is then back to York where the Queen and Prince Philip walk towards the Minster.  Then the Duke arrives, and more arrive in Rolls Royces and Daimlers. The Royal family meet Michael Ramsey, the Archbishop of York, and enter the Minster.  ‘God Save the Queen’ is sung.

The Archbishop and the Royal family walk up the long aisle to sit at the front of the Minster.  A crowd looks on, with police, as the bride arrives outside the Minster, showing her wedding dress.  Bridesmaids, including Princess Anne, and pages line up behind.  The bride slowly walks up the aisle with her father as the guests sing a hymn.  We see the wedding guests on either side of the aisle. The conductor, choirboys, bridesmaids and pages look on.  After vows are completed, there is more singing, and another prayer.  The wedded couple go to a door at the back of the altar to sign the register.  They are followed by the Queen.  A hymn is sung and there is a long shot of the inside of the Minster.  The couple follow the Archbishop out after signing the register, as the Queen and guests return to their seats.  Trumpets sound.

The Duke and Duchess bow and curtsey to the Queen. They slowly walk down the aisle, and exit the Minster under a bridge of swords as bagpipes play.  They get into the waiting car and pull away, waving and smiling to the crowds and photographers.  The commentary gives the names of the pages.  They drive to the reception where they enter the house, and later reappear, kiss Princess Alexandria, and leave for their honeymoon as a bagpiper plays.