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This film documents a Royal visit made to Wakefield by the then Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, in 1949. The film features the Royal Couple meeting local dignitaries such as the Mayor of Wakefield and the Earl of Scarborough, and later there is a march past is made by the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (4th Battalion).

Title - Visit of Their Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth (Duchess of Edinburgh) and the Duke of Edinburgh to Wakefield, Wednesday, 27th July, 1949.

The film opens with a shot of a decorated street in Wakefield, where a military brass band await the arrival of the Princess and the Duke, and a crowd of well-wishers line the pavements.

Title - Arrival at the County Hall.

An opened top car carrying the Princess and the Duke drives past the crowds, who wave and cheers excitedly.

Title - Their Royal Highness are received at the county hall by Alderman T. Tomlinson, B.E.M., J.P., (Chairman of the county council).

Mr Tomlinson, an elderly gentleman wearing a dark suit, greets the Princess and Duke as they step out of their vehicle, and Royal pair is then introduced to more local dignitaries, before heading towards the County hall entrance, while the crowds continue to watch.

Title - The guard of honour 4th battalion, King's own Yorkshire light infantry.

A sweeping shot captures the 4th Battalion light infantry standing before the crowds in organised rows; they carry rifles and wear full service regalia.

Title - The royal party walking down Wood Street to the Town hall.

The Princess, wearing a white patented dress and bonnet, and the Duke, wearing a dark suit and tie, walk past the 4th Battalion and an area of reserved seating, making their way towards the Town Hall entrance.

Title - The Lord Lieutenant of the country, Lord Scarborough, presents The Mayor of Wakefield, Alderman R. Firth.

The Princess and the Duke of Edinburgh are introduced to the Mayor and the Mayoress of Wakefield, by Lord Scarborough, who stands off two the right wearing a dark suit. Photographs are taken with the Royal pair, Lord Scarborough and the Mayor of Wakefield.

Title - Sheila Wild (Eight-Year-Old Niece of the Mayoress) Presents the Princess with a bouquet of Roses.

The eight year old girl, wearing a white dress and bow, presents the bouquet of Roses to the Princess before heading off inside the Town Hall.

Title - The Duke of Edinburgh inspects the guard of Honour accompanied by Lieut-Col. M.A.C.P. KAYE, T.D. (Officer Commanding 4th Bat, K.O.Y.L.I.)

The Duke walks past the row of troops stopping to talk to several of servicemen, all the while led by an officer. The Princess and Duke are then led into the town hall by the Mayor and Mayoress of Wakefield. The 4th Regiment then march past the Town Hall, and there is a shot of the royals and Lord Scarborough watching from a balcony that has several microphones positioned on it.

Title - The choir of the Thornes House Grammar School Conducted by Miss M.E. Markland Sing for Their Royal Highness.

From an elevated position, the filmmaker captures the choir, which is a group of young children dress in white, and the choir is led by a woman in a white dress, who stands on a small platform with the crowd visible behind her. The next shot shows the Princess and the Duke clapping from a balcony on the Town hall. The Queen and Duke then wave to the crowds before leaving the balcony.

Title - The Royal Party leave for the Great Yorkshire show.

The Princess and Duke leave the town hall escorted by the Mayor and Mayoresss of Wakefield. They say their goodbyes, shaking hands with several dignitaries before entering their car, while a crowd watch from behind. The car pulls away and the Queen and duke wave. The next shot shows the crowd scattering across the street as they disperse in different directions.

Title - The End.