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Professional film by Turners Film Unit that records the visit of a young Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to locations in Tyneside on October 29th 1954, including Monkseaton, Tynemouth, Newcastle and Gateshead. The film contains many good scenes of crowds, parades and views of areas of Newcastle since demolished, including Ellison Place, part of Blackett Street, and the old Royal Arcade in Pilgrim Street.

Credit: A Turner Production

Title: The Royal Visit to Tyneside Oct 29th 1954

Credit: Devised & Photographed by Turners Film Unit. Camera House, Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Title: Royal Party Arrives at Monkseaton Station.

[Black & white film]

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrive by train at Monkseaton Station and the Mayor introduces them to local civic and military VIPs in the station. The station platform and concourse are decorated with plants and flowers. A crowd watches from behind a wall in the station. The flashes from photographers cameras [off screen] illuminate the royal couple as they walk through the station. A brief shaky shot of the queen walking away clutching a small bouquet follows.  The royal cavalcade moves off down Station Terrace. The road is lined with military regiments and band, and decorated with bunting.

Title: Tynemouth Preparations at the Plaza

[Colour film]

General high angle view of the Plaza Hotel on the Grand Parade, military regiments on the Grand Parade [out of focus] and some of the crowds in windy, wet weather, including a group wearing yellow sou'westers and macs.  Royals walk through a parade of military regiments, firemen and other groups, the Union Jack flag blowing in the wind in the foreground. The royal car arrives at the Plaza entrance.  Prince Phillip inspects soldiers on parade. A regiment of female army personnel marches past. A military brass band plays. General view of parade and crowd. A steam train travels past at the far side of a boating lake. The royal motorcade drives along the sea front.

[Black and white film]

Footage of royal motorcade. Crowds line street and wave flags.

[Colour film]

The royal motorcade arrives at the Plaza. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip inspect royal military regiments.

[Black and white film]

The royal party greet local dignitaries under the canopy of the Plaza.

[Colour film]

Overhead shot of the regiments on parade with colourful crowds behind them. The military band plays. Union Jack flags decorate the streets. The Queen and Prince Phillip  are saluted by a military general with sword.

[Black and white film]

She acknowledges the general and they move to inspect the regiments.

[Colour and black and white film]

Overhead shots of the parade.  The Queen inspects the soldiers standing to attention in rows. She has to hang on to her hat in the wind. An umbrella is held over her as she returns to the canopy of the Plaza in the rain.

[Black and white film]

The Queen smiles broadly as she moves towards the Plaza entrance under the cover of an umbrella. Back on the road, a soldier grabs a hat that has blown away in the wind. Various shots of the band playing, the boating lake seen in the background. The royal motorcade prepare to leave, a battery of photographers taking pictures at the Plaza entrance. Overhead footage of the royals driving away, the crowds and regiments, the Royal Highland band, and army regiments marching away in formation.

[Colour film]

Title: The crowds assemble at Newcastle upon Tyne

Various shots of large crowds assembling for the royal visit, firstly at St Thomas' Green, by the Church of Saint Thomas the Martyr, and the Charles Grey Monument. Crowds amass in front of the Grand Hotel. Policemen and helpers erect crowd barriers. Crowds are gathered on Grey Street with Central Arcade, Harvey opticians, and John Sinclair shop fronts on the far side of the road. Spectators look out from all the windows of the old Post Office building at the Monument. Crowds are gathered on Northumberland Street.

Title: Making Ready for the 21 Gun Salute

Brief sequence of soldiers preparing and loading a cannon.

Title: At the Mansion House

Soldiers march towards the Mansion House, Ellison Place.

Three women climb onto a brick wall for a better view.

Various shots follow of a marching military band with ceremonial bearskins outside the Mansion House. The royal motorcade arrives. 21 gun salute, shots of cannons fired are intercut with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arriving in royal car. The Queen stands outside the entrance to the Mansion House on a small platform and a military ceremony takes place. Military stand to attention and the Queen inspects rows of soldiers. She enters grounds of the Mansion House with the Mayor (Edward Bond), the path lined by nurses in uniform.

Groups of excited spectators watch.

Close shots of Queen and Prince Philip shaking hands with VIP guests outside Mansion House. They enter the Mansion House.

Shots of happy, waving crowds.

More views of military parading including the military band in scarlet jackets and bearskin hats are intercut with shots of the crowd. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip leave the Mansion House. The royal car and motorcade drive away from the Mansion House. The crowd wave.

A policeman helps a young woman down from a wall.

Exterior shot of a building decorated with a banner that reads: "Chapmans extend loyal greetings to our beloved Queen." Shots of Boys Brigade and boy scouts lining the road. The motorcade drives among huge crowds at Barras Bridge, then around town in an open car, the Queen waving. The route includes Northumberland Street, Monument, Grey Street, and Pilgrim Street. They pass John Sinclair Ltd (Carreras' tobacco sales) and Harvey shops. The streets are packed with people and double decker buses unable to get through. The final shot in this sequence is of the crowd in front of the Royal Arcade buildings, beginning to disperse.

Title: Gateshead Welcomes Their Queen

The royal motorcade arrives across the Tyne Bridge linking Newcastle to Gateshead. At the south end of the bridge, the Queen and Prince Phillip get out of the car and are greeted by a decorated soldier and his wife. Then, the Mayor and his wife greet them and they are introduced to a series of people that queue on the red carpet. St Mary's Church, Gateshead, is visible in the background, the silhouettes of people watching the royal visit from the church roof. Crowds line the road. The Queen is presented with a bouquet by six-year-old Linda Dale of Whitley Bay.

Walking on the red carpet, he royals return to their car, with the roof down.

They drive down the High Street, Gateshead (lined with spectators) towards a railway bridge decorated with advertising for Aitchies Ales.

The Mayor of Gateshead is surrounded by the crowd after the Queen's visit. Soldiers in brown uniforms march by.

The final high angle views of the film are of the mass crowds in Newcastle city centre beginning to disperse after the visit, with shots at Monument and Barras Bridge.

Title: God Save The Queen

Title: The End

Credit: Photographed in Colour by Turners (Photography) Ltd, Newcastle, 1