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YFA 2176



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This film documents a visit of George VI and the Queen Mother to Terry's of York on Tuesday, 19th October, 1937.

The film begins with a Brass Band playing at the base of Clifford's Tower. There are shots of gathering crowds and a banner saying "Loyal Greetings To Their Majesties". The shots continue with the brass band parading up Bishopthorpe Road towards the Terrys Factory. There are excellent shots of girls dressed in pinafores and bonnets and boys dressed in caps and blazers. The children are members of the York Bluecoat School for Boys and Greycoat School for Girls.  The children are waving flags, and there are close up images of children's faces.

The senior Terrys family men walk in through the gates of the factory. There are hundreds of women workers lining the factory entrance, some wearing white overalls and some brown. The formal reception party wait outside the main factory entrance. There are men in suits and hats and ladies in cloche hats and furs. A presentation podium is prepared.

Next are exterior shots of the main Victorian building with the Terry's clock tower. There are workers waving from the windows on the top floors. The Royal motorcade leaves Clifford's Tower bound for the factory, and there are huge crowds of people watching. The Royals enter the factory gates. They walk up the drive and are presented with two grand boxes of chocolates in highly decorated wrapping. Both the King and Queen speak to some women workers. The crowds flock to see the Royal couple as they walk down the drive. They go onto meet the factory managers. There is a shot of the King and Queen getting into their cars and driving away. After they have left the factory site, the men from the welcoming committee light cigarettes, laugh and chat.

The next shot is of the King and Queen at the Mansion House. There are enormous crowds gathered all around the house, and there is a human chain of policemen trying to hold the crowd back. The Royal couple wave to the crowds as they get out of their car. The couple then enter the Mansion House with crowds cheering.