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YFA 1989



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A film from the Ibberson family collection, this film commemorates the visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to Sheffield in 1954.

Title - The Royal Visit to Sheffield Wednesday 27th October, 1954

The opening scenes show Sheffield city centre decorated with bunting and flags being put up. A little boy in stroller waves a small Union Jack flag, and a woman hangs a flag outside her shop front. There are more scenes of children waving flags, and included in the decorations is a "God Save the Queen" banner.

The day begins with a military parade down Fargate. The Sheffield Telegraph and Express building can be seen in the background. The streets of Sheffield are lined with large crowds who all wave flags. After the military parade, a motorcade arrives at the Town Hall. The Queen gets out, meets the reception party, and inspects the troops. Following this, her and Prince Philip enter the Town Hall and make their way to the balcony from which they wave to the crowd.

Title - After Luncheon at the Town Hall the Royal Party drive to Hillsborough Football Ground.

Footage is taken from inside a car en route to the stadium. Crowds line the streets the entire way there. Once at Hillsborough, the stadium is full. Hundreds of children make their way onto the pitch. They are all dressed in different coloured sportswear. The children make their way into formation, displaying the words "Welcome to Sheffield." They continue to ma march up and down making designs before finishing the performance with a massive Union Jack formation. There are shots of the Royals taken from the stands of the stadium as they watch the performance. Queen Elizabeth is the presented with a bouquet of flowers. Finally the Royal couple drive round the perimeter of the field in an open topped car.

Title - Now to the works of the English Steel Corporation

Again, footage is taken from the car en route to the Steel Corporation. Crowds line the streets. This is followed by shots of a book which commemorates the Royal Visit. The pages of the book are slowly turned, and they show the foundry process.

Title - Excited patients from the Children's Hospital await her Majesty's arrival at the University.

There are many children being wrapped in red blankets and waving flags. They are seated on chairs underneath small tents near the University main entrance. There is an abrupt switch to black and white film stock as the Queen arrives and enters the university. A huge crowd of faculty and students have gathered for the visit.

Title - "The Masque - The birth of steel."

A performance is put on for the Royals. They watch the play from a glass box in the centre of the audience, and spectators are gathered all around the stage. At the end of the performance, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip exit the university, shaking hands of the university officials along the way.

The next brief section is in colour. Mrs. Ibberson, dressed in a fur coat, gets into a car and waves to the camera.

Title - Evening Reception at the Cutlers' Hall

Black and white - The rest of the film takes place inside Cutlers' Hall. All those in attendance are dressed informal evening wear. They line up for the Queen's introductions, and Mr. Ibberson shows the Royal Couple around the Hall. Finally, the Queen and guests make their way down a staircase. The film closes with the Cutlers' Hall's Visitors Book simply signed, "Elizabeth R and Philip."