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This film documents the visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to Leeds in the summer of 1949. Huge crowds came out to greet the Royal Couple during their visit to Roundhay Park and the Civic Hall.

Title - The Royal Visit to Leeds 27th July 1949

Shot of a sign for Leeds.

Title - The Lord Mayor and the Reception Committee await the Princess and the Duke at the city boundary.

The crowds gather and wait to see the Princess and Duke. When they arrive, the couple gets out of the car and is greeted by the Lord Mayor. He, and other dignitaries, are dressed in their traditional robes, and they stand to speaking to the Princess and Duke.

Title - The Royal car drives off to Roundhay Park.

The car drives down a road past crowds, and the police form a line to hold them back. Members of the crowd cheer, and many of them wave flags in celebration. Upon arrival at the park, there is a procession of cars to the base of the podium, and the Princess and Duke make their way up the sit down at the top of it. The couple arrive and are welcomed by the Mayor. Elizabeth is presented with flowers by the May Queen, and photographers can be seen documenting the festivities.

Title - First item on the programme, a display of physical training and folk dancing by the children of Leeds.

There is a huge display put on for the Princess which takes up the majority of the field at Roundhay Park. Children run about in formation and perform traditional folk dances. They then put on an exercise display before Maypole dancing. The crowd gathered on the other side of the stands can also be seen.

Title - The visitors leave the park for lunch at the Town Hall.

The Royal couple leave Rouwnday Park and wave to the crowd from their car. The procession of cars then makes its way to the Civic Hall (mistakenly labelled as the Town Hall in the intertitles) where a crowd awaits them. Members of the military hold the crowd back.

Title - Police, controlled by radio, look after the patient crowds in the city centre.

A policeman talks on a radio that is mounted on his back. The Princess and Duck arrive in their car. There are official photographs on the Civic Hall steps, and the Royals are greeted by local dignitaries. Children crowd the balconies and windows of a nearby building trying to catch a glimpse of the Princess.

Title - The Duke inspects a Guard of Honour composed of local territorial units.

The Duke inspects the Guard of Honour, and all soldiers stand at attention for the inspection.

Title - The Princess chats to disabled war veterans.

Princess Elizabeth spends a few minutes chatting to the men before entering the Civic Hall. Once inside, she and the Duke wave from the balcony.

Title - Amidst great excitement the Royal visitors come out from the Town Hall and drive away.

The Princess and Duke are escorted back down the steps before getting into their car and being driven off. As they make their way out of Victoria Square, crowds of townspeople line one side of the road while members of the armed forces line the other. The procession of cars makes its way through the city centre, past the Town Hall, and out of Leeds. Large crowds of people cheer and wave flags along the procession route.

Title - The End
Produced by the Times Film Company.