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YFA 1253



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In 1933 King George and Queen Mary visited Leeds to open the new Civic Hall, and while on their trip also stated at Harewood House. The royal procession travelled from Oakwood to the Town Hall, where the King inspected the guard of honour in Victoria Square. After a short ceremony in the Victoria Hall, the Royal party went on to the Civic Hall for the opening ceremony. Record numbers of people from all over Yorkshire turned out for the event. This film captures part of that procession from a spectator's point of view.

The King and Queen pass through the crowded streets of Leeds city centre in an open carriage. The procession is led by men on horseback, and the carriage is followed by a few cars. After the procession passes, the crowd begins to disperse. Some spectators can be seen with binoculars used to get a better view.

The next scene is a short phantom ride through a main street in Leeds. A tram and a car can be seen passing as well, one being decorated with the Union Jack flag for the occasion.

There is another shot of the procession, the King and Queen now in a car for this part of the journey. The Queen is sitting on the side of the car nearest the camera. A sign has been hung as part of the decoration for the event and reads: God save our Gracious King - Long Live our Noble King - God Save the King.

The film ends with a fireworks display on the water.