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YFA 4994



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This film features a visit of King George V and Queen Mary to John Barran & Sons in Leeds.  John Barran was a pioneer in the manufacture of ready-to-wear clothing, and by 1904, the company employed 3000 people.  The film includes footage of the King and Queen as they tour the facilities and meet some of the workers.

Title – The visit of their majesties King George V and Queen Mary to the works of John Barran & Sons, Ltd 31st May, 1918.

The film opens as the King and Queen’s car arrives outside of the factory.  The edges of the street are lined with crowds of people who eagerly await their arrival.  The Royals are then shown around the inside of the factory.  Large machinery can be seen in the background, and they meet some of the workers. 

Taylors stand at long tables where they trace clothing patters and cut from the fabric.  The King and Queen continue to be shown around the factory, and there are different fabrics on display.  Well-dressed men also tour with the Royals around the factory. 

The tour comes to an end, and the King and Queen exit the factory and get into their car which is waiting by the entrance.  The car then makes its way down the road which is still lined with crowds of spectators.