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On 18th May, 1957, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip made a visit to Hull.  During their visit, the Royals toured many different areas of the city, including the Sailors' Children's Society, St Andrew’s Docks, a council estate, the University, Kingston General Hospital and the King George Dock.  This film is part of the Humberside Police collection, and members of this force were responsible for security during the Queen’s visit.  

The film opens outside of Hammonds store and the Magistrates Court, both draped in red flags with ‘E.R.’ on them.  Some workmen use ladders to put up decorations on the Docks Offices (now the Maritime Museum) in Queen Victoria Square.  Pedestrians and traffic pass by in front of Hammonds store on Prospect Street and Jameson Street. 

A train then arrives at the railway station, and the Queen and Prince Philip disembark.  They are greeted by Lord Middleton, Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding, and Lady Middleton, and the Lord Mayor Alderman Kneeshaw.  There are photographers who have turned up to document the event and who can be seen in the background.  The Queen and Prince Philip then greet more civic dignitaries, including Herbert Morrison, and Mr Brocklehurst, the Sheriff, before making their way off the platform.  They are escorted by men in traditional costume who carry a sword and a mace.

A large crowd has gathered in front of the Royal Station Hotel.  As the Queen emerges, she inspects lines of uniform soldiers in Paragon Square.  After the inspection, the parade makes its way through the streets of Hull.  Flag-waving crowds line the pavements, and some stand on lorries of ‘Lead Pipe and Sheet Makers.’  The Queen’s car finally arrives at the back entrance of St Andrew’s Docks, and a crowd looks on.  Here the Queen and Prince Philip greet more officers and other dignitaries representative of the fishing industry.  The Queen is shown the ship ‘H238 Princess Elizabeth’, and Prince Philip meets some fishermen as they unload their catch on board.  He speaks to one of the fish traders in St Andrew’s Docks.  The Mayor and other dignitaries escort the Queen through the Iceland Fish Quay to re-join Prince Philip, and together from the Fishermen Medical Centre, they wave to a trawler as it departs.

The car carrying the Queen and Prince Philip makes its way through the streets which are lined with children and adults waving Union Jacks as the car passes.  It is then onto the University where all the staff, students and onlookers are lined up outside waiting for the Queen’s arrival.  Some African students are in traditional costume.  The Queen’s car arrives with a police motorbike escort.  The Queen is again welcomed by Lord Middleton, this time as Chancellor of the University.  More people wait to see the Queen, including a number of Commonwealth students, as she re-emerges from the University building and walks past them with her entourage.  A large group in wheelchairs wait at the entrance of one of the University’s buildings. 

The Queen then moves further along Cottingham Road to the Sailor’s Children Society.  Here she is greeted by large welcoming banners.  A crowd wait, and a there is a procession by a group of sailors.  One of the boys, who is wearing a pirate’s outfit, poses for the camera.  Children sit holding Union Jacks, and several of the children are in wheelchairs.  The Queen’s car passes by while onlookers wave, and when it comes to a stop, the boy in a pirate’s outfit greets the Queen and Prince Philip with gifts.  The Royals remain seated in the car.  They then continue on past the sailors who stand in line and at attention.

The Royal tour continues along Cottingham Road and down Beverley Road to the city centre.  It passes by nurses and patients from Kingston General Hospital who watch from the kerbside.  They pass through Prospect Street on the way to the Royal Infirmary.  Outside the Hospital, nurses and other staff line up in readiness.  On arrival the Queen and Prince Philip greet the staff, and the Queen walks around the wards meeting patients.  They leave the Hospital and return to their car parked opposite Noël Kay shop. 

They then continue along King Edward Street, through Queen Victoria Square past Queen’s Gardens and onto the Guildhall for lunch.  The Queen arrives to a large crowd of onlookers waving.  Inside the Guildhall a flower display has been put on for the occasion.  The Queen and Prince Philip sign the Visitor’s Book with the date May 18th 1957.  Outside a brass band plays as the Queen and Prince Philip emerge from the balcony and wave to the crowd.

After leaving the Guildhall, the Queen and Prince Philip next visit a Hostel for aged people on Holderness Road.  They are accompanied by Alderman John Dunbar, Chairman of the Welfare Services Committee.  They then make their way, past the empty freight wagons by the side of the road, to the newly constructed King George Dock.  Again crowds wait behind barriers and opposite the large cranes.  The long entourage of cars leaves the docks continues onto the Bilton Grange Council Housing Estate.  The Queen pays a surprise visit to one of its residents.  From there the Queen and Prince Philip go to East Park where they were greeted by 15,000 children from various uniformed organisations.  First the Queen greets the leaders of the organisations before she receives a bouquet from a Girl Guide.  The Queen and Prince Philip then get into the Royal Land Rover to inspect those gathered.  The Royals stand up in the car as they are driven around, and the children wave their hats in the air.

The last stop on the tour is the Corporation Pier from where the Queen receives a Naval Guard of Honour.  The Queen bids farewell to the Lord Mayor and Mayoress before boarding the Royal Barge to take her and Prince Philip to the Royal Yacht, Britannia.  From the shore, the Yacht can be seen as it turns and heads off for the North Sea and to a State Visit to Denmark.

The End