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YFA 3715



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The following film is a newsreel made up of Movietone footage of the Royal Tour to South Africa in 1947.

The film opens with a colour scene of flowers before changing to black and white stock. There are then shots of a train track set up around the garden and model village,

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The excerpt is from the funeral procession from George V at Buckingham Palace. There are manly soldiers marching in bearskin hats.

Title - British Movietone News, The Royal Tour

Cars leave gates and crowds are gathered. The Queen gets out of the car and later boards the ship, "Vanguard." The Royal family can be seen sitting on deck chairs and playing games on the top deck. There ship crew hangs flags, and the Royals meet some of the crew.

Title - Movietone News After Cape Town - The Royal Tour

The Royals disembark from the boat and greet the waiting crowds.

Title - The Royal Family Visit an Ostrich Farm

The Queen looks at the ostriches, stroking one of the adult ostriches. She holds up a large feather.

Title - Princess Elizabeth opens SA Graving Dock

The Princess gives a speech, pulls the flag up, and the ship is set sailing.

Title - Welcome Home
The people of Britain, conscious of the far-reaching effect of the long and strenuous SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR, offer THEIR MAJESTIES and the PRINCESSES the warmest of welcomes on their safe return.

The ship pulls into the harbour, and the Royal family is greeted upon their return home. They get onto a train back to London, and once back in the capital, make their way to Buckingham Palace via a large parade. The Royals ride in an open carriage. The film ends with the Royal family waving to the crowds from the balcony.