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YFA 2594



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This film is a chronicle by a Yorkshire filmmaker of the Royal Salute for the Queen Mothers 75th Birthday in the Museum Gardens, York. Here, the Prince of Wales Battalions set of four guns at midday to celebrate and a brass band play for the large crowd that have gathered for the day.

Title - Neslo films.

Title - Royal Salute.

Title - Film by Patrick Olsen.

The opening shot of this film shows people walking through the Museum gardens in York and St. Mary's Abbey is visible in the background. In the gardens, soldiers in ceremony regalia stand around several cannons.

A crowd gradually begins to build up on the green verges and the filmmaker then captures the brass band playing for the crowd. The soundtrack on the film is the overture to the musical 'My Fair Lady'. Shots show the band smartly dressed in red uniforms with gold buttons.

The soldiers gather around the canons lining up for an inspection, and a policeman walks in front of the crowds. A distinguished individual (perhaps a royal) is lead past the soldiers and is next shown on a small white platform, perhaps giving a speech.

The soldiers then fire the guns several times, and photographers take pictures. The film concludes with the VIP entering a very plush car and there are more shots of the band playing.

Title - The end.