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YFA 4515



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This film documents a Royal review of Police Constabularies from around the country. Filmed in Hyde Park, London, the filmmaker captures many excellent shots of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, as they watch the officers march past from the Royal box.

Title – Royal Review.

Title – Review of the Police Forces of the United Kingdom by her Majesty the Queen.

Title – In Hyde Park, London on Wednesday, the 14th July, 1954.

The opening shots show event organisers preparing for the occasion in Hyde Park: setting up Grandstands and seating areas.

Title – Last minute preparations.

The filmmaker captures a side of a truck that has ‘BBC sound control unit’ written on it. A shot then shows a group of people wearing winter jackets standing around a grandstand.

Title – The assemble area at South Carriage Road.

Police, in full uniforms, move down South Carriage road, walking past blue double decker buses. Several shots then show them marching through the park, including other constables who carry cases and some female officers, who smile for the camera as they pose in formation. The women stand in front of a tent that says ‘For women police only’.

More police march past near St Albert’s memorial, and a horse gallops past the camera around the outskirts of the park. A sweeping view of the park is then shown with many officers moving around white, canvas tents. Officers are then filmed standing by the road holding suitcases. A group of officer in tight formation then line up and begin to march under the guidance of a senior officer.

Title – The spectators take up their positions.

Various shots capture the spectators making their way into the park and gathering behind rope fences, which are patrolled by policemen.

Title - …and the official guests arrive.

Official guests, wearing dresses, sharp suits and bowler hats, enter the ground and walk past the spectators, who line the perimeter of the green. A group of officers then ride past the camera on horseback.  The filmmaker captures a little girl and her parents enjoying the day, as they sit on some plastic chairs. A brief shot captures a police bag pipe band and more officials taking their seats, before the police bag pipe band move into the field.

Title – The massed pipe band from the Police pipe bands of Aberdeen Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The filmmaker captures various shots of the bag pipe band playing in traditional highland regalia. There are then shots of the female police units standing in formation along with segregated male units, also in tight formation. A senior police officer then marches past the camera to inspect the policemen. The filmmaker captures the important guests, who have front row seats and wear rather opulent clothing.

More shots show the crowd from above; women hold parasols, while the men wear bowler hats. An expansive view captures the impressive spectacle of hundreds of policemen and women lined up in formation, while the bag pipe band continues to play. The bag pipe band move across the park green, and some views capture the currently flagless flagpole.

Title – The final setting is inspected by the parade Commander Sir John Nott-Bower, K.C.V.o. commissioner of the Police of the Metropolis.

Two highly decorated senior policemen stroll across a field in Hyde Park, while the filmmaker captures a shot of the Commander Sir John Nott-Bower, walking around the perimeter of the parade.

Title – An uninvited Guest.

A black dog runs onto the green, before there are shots of officer on horseback trotting around the empty plane.

Title – H.M the Queen arrives accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh.

From a distance, the Queen, wearing a white dress and hat, and the Duke, wearing a dark suit, can be seen being led through the crowd to the Royal box by senior officials. The flag goes up the flag pole to announce her Royal Highnesses arrival. The filmmaker then gets shots of the Queen being driven past the formations of policeman in a motorised buggy, and they are followed by several policemen on horseback. A brass band are then filmed playing as the Queen passes again, before the buggy returns the Queen to the royal box, where the Duke of Edinburgh waits.

Title – The march past.

With the Queen and Duke seated in the Royal box, the march past starts with Calvary units, who slowly trot by as the brass band play. Several Police units then pass all marching in sync and facing the Queen. The female units then march past, followed by the bag pipe band and more male and female units. Canine units then march past with the officers keeping the German Shepards on tight leashes. They are then followed by some police cars and finally the marching brass band. The King and Queen are then captured dropping their salute as the brass band moves out of view.

Title – Her Majesty Departs.

A shot (slightly obscure by the Royal box) shows the crowds watching as the Royals enter their car and drive off through the crowds. The final shots in this film show people leaving; a mother packs up her family’s picnic, a cameraman disassembles his tripod, and people weave between each other heading for the exit.

Title – The end.