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YFA 3684



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This film shows various methods of treatment and therapy at the Royal Baths and Spa in Harrogate.

The film opens with a man in a shirt and tie lying on a bed with a towel over the top. A brief shot of the bar of the Pump Rooms is followed by another scene in the Royal Baths where a man is being massaged by an attendant. He is then towelled down and covered up as if primed for mummification.

Another patient undergoes treatment in a wooden heat cabinet and is given a drink of water from a small teapot. The lid is removed and the man re-emerges from the cabinet.

Back at the Pump Rooms, well-dressed gentlemen in suits and fedora hats are seen reading newspapers, whilst other customers are served water by the waitresses at the bar.

At the Baths, there is a brief glimpse of an electric blanket before a patient is seen lowering himself into a hot bath that is bubbling like a Jacuzzi. Liquid is poured into the bath to make it foam and it is stirred with a thermometer. The man in the bath appears contented with this situation and blows the bubbles that surround him.

The final scene shows a female attendant operating equipment that she then uses to irrigate a patient's nose and mouth. The nozzle is placed up the nostril and water is spurted upwards in order to clean the nasal passage.