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YFA 3861



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This film shows a number of examples of treatments and therapies at the Royal Baths and Spa in Harrogate.

Title - Steam Cabinet Bath

The film opens with a man in a wooden cabinet filled with steam.

Title - Turkish Bath, 1. Steam Chamber 2. Hot Room 3. Shampooing 4. Needle Bath and Plunge 5. Rest Room

A man enters the steam chamber for a while until an attendant opens the door and he exits to the hot room, where another man is relaxing with a newspaper. After the hot room, the man has a shoulder massage before diving into a small pool and swimming to the side. In the rest room, several men are lying down, covered up with gowns and towels.

Title - Intestinal Lavage (Plombières Douche)

Shots of the equipment used for giving customers an enema, including the canisters that provide the pressure for irrigation. Elsewhere, a man is being massaged by one of the attendants on a bench with a shower above it.

There is a brief shot of the entrance sign for the Royal Baths, followed by the interior of the Pump Rooms, where customers are ordering their water from the waitresses. The film closes with exterior shots of the buildings and close-ups of the slabs that covered the wells of mineral water.