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YFA 3445



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This is a film of some of the treatments and therapeutic massages that took place at the Royal Baths and Spa in Harrogate.

The film opens with a shot of a man being lowered into a bath with the aid of a rope ladder. The attendant turns a stopcock and fills the bath with a hose, which he then directs towards the patient's buttocks.

(Very brief) Title | Preparation of CO2 Effervescing bath By HCl Flowing By Gravity From a Large Burette Into Water in Which Na HCO3 [incomplete]

A patient is seen lying on a bed with a shower running above him and a physiotherapist massaging his limbs and chest. The film then moves to a different room where a patient is undergoing an enema by having a syringe inserted into his anus. The same patient is then given a bath and the attendant hoses him down, making him laugh in the process.

The next scene shows a bath being filled with ice from a tin bucket. Liquid is then poured into another bath of boiling water causing it to bubble and foam.

Two men prepare a coal tar bath used to treat psoriasis, first by shovelling the coal and later by stirring the bath and checking the temperature with a thermometer. The bath is wheeled out of the workshop before a patient is seen covered in the black mixture and washing it off in a shower. The bath is hoisted on chains before being emptied and washed.

The next shot shows a paste being mixed in a bowl and stirred to form a substance with the consistency of putty. The paste is spread on a towel, wrapped and folded, then placed onto the recumbent patient's stomach.

Another patient receives a massage from a physiotherapist on a bed that has water pouring onto it from overhead nozzles. He then stands against a wall while two attendants spray him with their hoses, after which the patient takes a shower and stretches off. The End.