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NEFA 19852



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Home movie footage produced by Dr H. Brenton Porteous recording the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) 2nd (1st Northern) section training at the No. 8 Casualty Clearing Station, Chester-le-Street, (possibly the Hermitage) before the outbreak of war. Recruits are also shown drilling in uniform following the start of World War II and taking part in a sewing competition at a garden fete. The film-maker was a lieutenant in the RAMC.

Title: R.A.M.C. Snapshots During Training. 2nd (1st Northern) C.C.S. 1939

Credit: Photography - Lt. H. Brenton Porteous. R.A.M.C. T.A.

The film begins with a general exterior shot of the RAMC Casualty Clearing Station in Chester-le-Street.

General shots of recruits on wasteland area, drilling in their civilian clothes supervised by officers.

[colour film]
Title: Snapshots. Afternoon party. 29th July 1939.
Exterior views of garden fete or tea party with wives and families of the recruits, long trestle tables laid out for meal in the background, flags and bunting decorating the party.

The camera focuses on a woman in a printed 1930s floral dress, holding a fur wrap.

A table tennis match is in progress, with people watching. A man plays a game of darts, the table tennis continuing in the background. Close-up of a dartboard and scores.

General view of men and women seated in a row on the lawn.

Guests are seated around long trestle tables, laid with cakes, plates, and cups of tea. Children in the foreground stare at the camera.

Various shots focus on the men and women around the table, enjoying a cigarette, smiling and chatting. A general view of the table and guests follows. Guests at the fete stand and talk.

A young girl carries a small boy on the lawn.

A row of recruits take part in a sewing competition. Close-up of a hand sewing a piece of cloth.

[black and white film]
Title: In Camp at Whitby. August 1939.
Various views of the group of tents at camp on the cliffs, sea in background.

Group portrait shots of recruits arranged in two football teams.

There are close-up low-angled portrait shots of two officers looking down into camera.

Football matches take place amongst the men. Officers watch from the side-lines.

A group portrait of both teams together.

Fast edited action shots as officers start to kick a football around the pitch and the film-maker runs along with the action.

A young man in uniform stands to attention outside his tent, his kit laid out for inspection. Close-up of his kit. General view of soldiers waiting for inspection outside tents.

[b&w film]
Title: Now No 8 C.C.S. (With Militia) December 1939

Now in uniform, the recruits are documented in drill training exercises.

Title: Stretcher Drill
General views of exercises and drills with stretchers. These include carrying the stretchers over a trench (or ha-ha).

Title: Collecting Wounded
Some soldier recruits feign injury, laying on the ground, whilst others practice placing them on stretchers and carrying them.

Title: Some Personal Snapshots
General views of army officers, a nurse, nurses crossing grounds in snow, including some feeding ducks. Individual portrait shots of some of the nurses and an officer.

Army trucks are parked in grounds. One truck is a CCS X-Ray laboratory. Nurses climb into the back of an army truck with a padre, laughing and looking to camera.

There is a brief portrait of a young medical officer.

Groups of nurses walk by. A group of uniformed officers walk through the grounds towards camera.

The last shot is a portrait of an officer who speaks to camera.