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YFA 1906



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This is a film from the Guide Association North Yorkshire South of the Rowntree’s Girl Guides on an activities holiday at a camp, although all on the film seem to be adults.

The film begins, after some shaky camerawork, with a man diving into a swimming pool quickly followed by a brief glimpse of a camp and then two Girl Guide leaders playing tennis.  At the campsite, one of the Girl Guide leaders alters the flag, while others walk about.  Then another Girl Guide leader prepares some food over a camp fire and takes it to one of her companions who is still asleep in her tent, and seems to want to stay that way.  The Girl Guides sit at tables at the campsite having tea.  They then go swimming, all dressed in black one-piece swimsuits and swimming caps, lining up to dive in one at a time.   After swimming the length of the pool they form a circle and dance around holding hands.  After their swim they build a fire with branches and sticks they have collected.  They then sit around the fire on the ground, one apparently singing a song.  The film ends with one of the Girl Guide leaders opening what seems to be a box of chocolates.