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YFA 2277



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This film captures the Rowntree family relaxing in their garden and taking a trip down on their yacht. Featuring great snippets of their leisure time, this film is an exemplary document that gives a real insight into the Rowntree family and their life away from their hugely successful business.

The opening shot of this film depicts a man working a loom on a river bank. A pleasure boat full of people goes past on the river, before there are some views of the Rowntree Family on board their yacht. Two men then dive from the yacht into the water then climb aboard again. Cutting away from the river, the actions switches to an airfield and there are shots of propeller driven planes taxing to the runway.

Back to more sedate family scenes; in a garden little girls eating food, while a baby plays on a rug, before there are shots of children cycling. On the river, the family are on the yacht, and some of the men on board wear naval style captain's uniforms. As the yacht sails down the river, the filmmaker captures passing tug boats pulling cargo vessels and a shot of a large iron bridge closing after the boats have gone by. Men then clean the yacht as it is moored along the quayside. The next sequence shows Navy troops marching before more general shots of the moored yacht.

Cutting to a town, several shots capture the bustling waterfront filled with shops and tourists. On board the yacht, a man and woman wearing good examples of 1930s swimming costume are spraying each other with a hose as the yachts sails on the sea. The final passage of this sequence contains views of other ships and boats as they pass.

Family scenes in a garden; a young boy is chased by a large dog and the family chat beside a pond, while a girl teases the dog with a stick. Next, a brief shot of large house with scaffolding is superseded by a lady getting out of a car. A man then walks through the garden and stops to look at the pond. The man and woman walk around the pond and pick some flowers. The final shots show a woman walking towards the camera with views of the house to her side.