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YFA 4451



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This is a film of the Rowntree Dunollie Rest House in Scarborough and includes footage of the Official Opening in 1947 and the activities of the Home and residents. Those who worked for Rowntrees were also part of a community within which the welfare and interest of employees are cared for in many ways both at work and after. The company was behind the creation of local schools, sports clubs, libraries and art houses, and in 1947, a new departure a holiday home in Scarborough to provide a sanctuary for those suffering with stress and ill health.

Title Rowntree and Co. Ltd. Rest House "Dunollie"

The film opens showing the front of the Dunollie Rest House, raised high above the road.

Intertitle - The Official Opening on Saturday 13th September 1947.

On opening day, a man is making a speech to those assembled in front of the building. He is followed by a woman speaker, possibly Mrs G J Harris, the wife of the Company Chairman, who then unlocks the front door and is presented with a bouquet. More speeches follow, with applause to those assembled, sitting and standing. They then enter the House, which has a fine chandelier and organ. The guests are spread out in a large room, with high windows, having tea and cakes. One of the workers there opens the curtains of a window to reveal a view over Scarborough South Bay with the tide out. One of the ornamental rooms is shown with two beds and wash basin. Other parts of the house are also shown, including a fireplace with a mirror above it and a single bed laid out with a dress and shoes.

A woman opens the patio doors and walks out into the garden where residents are sitting in deckchairs and laying on the lawn. There is a greenhouse, and the main building has a balcony. Some of the residents carry their deckchairs up some steps at the side of the house onto a platform with views over the bay and the back of the house. Inside a nurse welcomes a new guest and takes a look through his Ration Book before placing a marker for him in one of the rooms on a layout of the rest house.

Inside the kitchen, staff members are preparing cakes which are baked in a steam machine. Plates are placed through a serving hatch and carried into the dining room. One of the servants bangs a gong for dinner whilst another arranges the flowers. The dining room is then filled with residents having their meal. After dinner one of the residents reads the tea leaves in her cup. In the rest room some residents sit reading, one sits at a desk and writes. The film shows some of the carving in the woodwork and ceiling relief. Elsewhere a group of men are playing billiards. In another highly decorated room, women are playing cards and knitting, whist two men play chess.
Later they are all together and participate in a sing song with the nurse accompanying at the piano. Two guests are waved off as they leave in an Austin Saloon.

The End
Filmed by Debenham & Co. Beverley