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YFA 1534



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This film shows a large cross country race at Roundhay Park in 1978.

Title: Horizon Films Presents: 'Sports and Pastimes Vol 3 International Cross country'

An International Cross Country race is taking place at Roundhay Park in Leeds. Here athletes are competing in long and middle distance running. 1,500 competitors set off across the Soldier's Field for the cross country race. The three mile circuit is run three times. The runners are seen going down Hill Sixty. The narrator says that you might see some famous faces that you would normally only see on TV. The leaders at the completion of the second lap are Ian Stewart, Bernie Ford and David Black, but at the finishing line, with a large crowd looking on, Bernie Ford wins with Ian Stewart second, Tony Symmons third and Steve Ovett fourth. Steve Ovett is seen at the end signing his autograph.