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YFA 2349



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This amateur film was made by a Wakefield-based businessman and captures the sights and activities available at Roundhay Park in Leeds. It also contains footage of a Children's Pageant which includes a play and dancing.

Title-Roundhay Park Leeds.

Men, women and children are in row boats on the lake; there is also a slightly larger cruise boat sailing along the edge of the water. The camera pans across the lake to capture the surrounding landscape, as well as showing the cricket grounds and the park. There is a brief shot of a large, stone gazebo. In another section of the park there is a pond with two swans swimming in it and surrounding the pond are numerous flower beds full of flowers.

Title-Youth Pageant held in Roundhay Park Leeds.

A group of men and women sit in the grass while a young boy and girl run around playing. There are shots from other parts of the park.

From a distance away, the camera captures a procession that makes its way onto the cricket field. The boys and girls taking part in the procession wear a variety of uniforms and colours. A fake castle front has been built at one end of the field and lots of children are on the stage in front of it. They are performing a medieval period play which consists of hundreds of children. More groups file onto the stage on horseback and on foot and some acrobatic action takes place on the field; several of the horses and riders take part in some pretend jousting. Then there is lots more action on the stage and some groups of girls come off the stage and dance in circles and then dance around May poles.

Title-St. John's procession Salford.

The camera is at one end of a field capturing a religious procession that makes its way along a main street. There are priests at the front, followed by some boys holding banners with pictures of the Virgin Mary. Following them are lots of young girls in white dresses holding the veil of an older girl in a long, white dress.