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YFA 2288



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This film captures a huge dramatised pageant which took place in Roundhay Park, Leeds in 1946 involving various enactments of historical events.

The film opens with a shot of a Union Jack followed by processions of military personnel who enter onto a stage and walk through a mock medieval archway. Many more groups of people make their way through the park in procession to the stage, including people dressed as Vikings. A large crowd has gathered for the event and are seated on the hillsides.

The film uses intertitles preceding each enactment.

Title - E pisode 1 Wapentake of Skyrack; Period 850 AD

People dressed in Vikings costumes take to the stage and perform to the crowd.

Title - Episode 2 Kirkstall Abbey; Period 1152 AD to 1540 AD

A procession of 'monks' walk on stage where a head monk performs a service. Then a knight in shining armour walks on stage and kneels before him.

Title - Episode 3 Tournament of Temple Newsam; Period 1200AD

Fanfares greet a procession of knights. A court jester entertains the crowd. Children wearing costumes perform acrobatics in front of the main stage. Knights on horseback arrive and a jousting competition begins before they fight with swords.

Title - Episode 4 Charters of Freedom; Period 1215 AD to Present Time

Costumed teenagers walk by the camera closely. A 'king' walks on stage and takes over from a 'bishop'. A messenger from Charles I era communicates. A dinner-suited messenger introduces a Churchill look-a-like who makes the peace sign to the crowd.

Title - Episode 5 Carnival of Temple Newsam; Period 1545 AD to 1567 AD

A witch is seen pretending to interferes with proceedings. Costumed children then run by camera and perform games and dances in front of the main stage. A mock Elizabethan wedding occurs on stage. Girls skip around a couple of maypoles.

Title - Episode 6 News of Victory; Period 1815 and Present Day

Lots of people run to the area in front of the main stage. Stalls are erected on the stage. An 'elephant' walks around and causes mischief - it pushes over a woman watching a pretend boxing match. One of the stands says Cookes Royal Circus. There are some shots of the crowd watching the action from a nearby hillside.

Title - Tribute to the Fallen

The Union Jack is lowered. An army private stands on the stage by himself. The Union Jack is raised back along with the flags of other World War Two Allies.

Title - Massed Assembly & Peace Tableau

A military band plays, followed by a procession of men and women in uniform, boy scouts and girl guides. More costumed people walk past. All those who have taken part in the proceedings line up around the stage area and as the performers leave we see the crowds of spectators.