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YFA 3481



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This film is a series of short newsreel type features on local events in Pickering between 1972 and 1975. Each film is preceded by an intertitle.

Titles: 'JK Snowden presents: Roundabout: a cine magazine', 'Edition Four 1972'

Intertitle: 'Carnival Revived'
After a lapse of some years the Pickering Carnival has been revived by the late Don Chapman who is walking around a large crowd in front of a stage. The evening parade through the streets is led by a green float and followed by a brass band and more floats. Some of these include a model steam engine for the North York Moors Railway and a Top of the Pops float. The parade is watched by a crowd lining up on the pavements.

Intertitle: 'Old Cars at Traction Rally'
Vintage cars are on display in a field including a 1929 Rolls Royce, a 1928 Austin 7, a 1912 Fiat, a 1938 Morris 8 van, and a 3? litre Bentley.

Intertitle: 'Filey Bay'
After views over Filey Bay and Primrose Valley, there is a marching juvenile jazz band as part of the holiday events at the local caravan park. On the beach children play and paddle in the sea, and some go on pony rides.

Intertitle: 'Meet the Mayor'
In the garden of Houndgate House Pickering, Richard Robertson, the Chairman of the Council and first Town Mayor, is sitting on a bench.

Intertitle: 'Farndale Daffodils.
It is spring in Farndale, and flowering daffodils adorn the fields and the bank of the River Dove.

Intertitle: 'Museums Official Opening'
On the 18th May 1974, Beck Isle Museum is being opened by Dr. Stephen Mitchelson. The museum was Mitchelson's former house. He is joined by Bill Lee, the Chairman of the Management Committee and Harry Whittaker, Chairman of Yorkshire Tourist Board, who chat together outside the Museum.

Intertitle: 'Carnival Art Exhibition'
At an open-air art display on Smiddy Hill, as part of the Carnival week, people are viewing the exhibits, and the two organisers, Don Michelthwaite and Jim Lichtman, are sitting together talking.

Intertitle: 'Gas Plant Closure'
The new gas processing plant at Pickering is being closed after just three years by Home Oil of Canada. The gas from the moors is not of good enough quality.

Intertitle: 'Autumn Sheep Sales'
On 15th October 1974, there is a sheep auction in a field at Haygate Lane on the outskirts of Pickering. The sheep are crowded in their pens. The auctioneer conducts the bidding before some sheep are rounded up and loaded onto a lorry.

Intertitle: 'New Swimming Pool Opens'
In November 1974 a new swimming pool is opened at Pickering. A family leaves the swimming pool, get into their car and drive away.

Intertitle: 'Goods Yard Delay - Ratepayers Must Pay'
Two old buildings at the former railway goods yard in Pickering have been listed as being of historic and architectural interest. The first one is a warehouse, shown in disrepair with large holes in the roof, and the second one is the town's original gas works. The yard has cars parked on it whilst awaiting an appeal from the council.

Intertitle: 'The Daffodil Man'
The verges of the roads in Pickering, and some flower beds, are covered in daffodils. The man responsible for these, Reg Harvey, is sitting on a bench being interviewed. He then poses in a garden full of daffodils.

Intertitle: 'Museum Open Weekend'
On 26th April 1975, workers at the Museum are preparing for an open weekend, a bench is being cleaned, and exhibits are laid out in the yard. The Museum is being extended to include an old pub and shoe shop. People are entering the Museum, a man rakes the grass, and there is a model of the town's gas plant.

Intertitle: 'Church Tower Repair'
The clock tower of the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Pickering is seen across town and up close covered in scaffolding. A mason is working on a new piece of stone

Intertitle: 'Early Lambs at Stape'
In March 1975, at Mr Atkinson's farm, there is a field of sheep and lambs gambol.

Intertitle: 'Football Paradox'
As many locals are unable to get into the team of high flying Pickering Town, some locals have formed a team to play in the Beckett League. The play against Haxby United at Rosedale.