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YFA 3480



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This film is a series of short newsreel type features on local events in Pickering during 1967 and 1968. Each film is preceded by an intertitle.

Title: J.K. Snowden presents Roundabout: a live magazine'

Intertitle: 'Shooting it out'
A youth on a horse rides into a compound where others are riding horses. Included are a horse and cart and two young people riding two up. One of them a girl is wearing a feathered headdress similar to those worn by the Native Americans. This is the newly created 'Cowboy City' at the Flamingo Park. A day a drama is performed. The mock town is visited by a group of outlaws who go to the saloon before they rob a bank. The sheriff recruits some watching children to fight the outlaws who are killed in a gun battle and carted off by the undertaker, 'Sad Sam Brown'. After the adventure children go horse riding around the compound.

Intertitle: 'Liberal Leaders Visit'
On 13th May 1967, Jeremy Thorpe, the new leader of the Liberal Party, arrives and is met in a car park. From here Thorpe and a group of others make their way to the Forest of Vale Hotel to meet leaders of various groups to discuss local issues.

Intertitle: 'New Museum Venture'
At the entrance to the Museum of Rural Life and Arts Centre at Beck Isle - former home of William Marshall, founder of England's first agriculture college - Councillor John Rushton, the idea-man behind the museum, stands talking with his collaborator Gordon Clitheroe. It has been opened to the public who have come to see exhibitions which include photographs, a Victorian Room, and railway relics.

Intertitle: 'Floods at Pickering'
In November 1967, Pickering is flooded after high rainfall on the land above the town. Pickering Beck is seen flooded as well as some streets and the ground floor of the Rose Inn at Beck Island. Cars and lorries drive through a pool of standing water in Hungate, and pedestrians make their way over a make-shift wooden walkway over the water.

Intertitle: 'Family Business Growing'
At the nurseries of George Barnes workers are watering the plants, and George Barnes talks through the various stages of growth of the Cyclemen plants being prepared for Christmas. Nursery workers also make wooden boxes to protect the pipes over the winter. George Barnes' two young sons walk through the greenhouse.

Intertitle: 'Winter Wonder'
Newton Dale is shown covered in snow.

Intertitle: 'Liberals Fete at Kingthorpe, May 1968'
In the grounds of Kingthorpe House - recently acquired by Richard Rowntree - Scarborough and Whitby Liberals are staging a garden party. Potted plants are for sale on a stall, and the local Liberal prospective candidate is having a go at archery. People are wandering around the food and drink stalls, with a brass band playing. George Freer, the Liberal Divisional Secretary, is talking with other local leading Liberals. Other events include a coconut shy, a handbag stall, a fortune teller and a sheepdog demonstration.

Intertitle: 'Beck Isle Summer Fayre'
At a summer fayre on the grounds of Beck Island Museum, there are a number of stalls with fresh produce and refreshments. Children play at various games, there is a pony ride, and children enter a model boat competition on the river.

Intertitle: 'Recreations Clubs Sports Day'
On Bank Holiday Monday, September 1968, there is the regular sports day on the recreation ground. This includes sprint races, men and women participating in everyday clothing, and a three legged race with people watching from the stands. The day finishes with an eleven-a-side football competition.