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NEFA 22245



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This amateur compilation filmed by J.E. Baker documents a trip around York, including some famous landmarks and a look at the affects of flooding. Includes footage of a royal visit by the recently crowned George VI and Queen Elizabeth, probably in York. There is also a trip to Scotland to visit the famous Empire Exhibition in Glasgow held at Bellahouston Park from May to December 1938. . A final sequence records the building of an air raid shelter.

Title: Round York

The film opens with a view of the River Ouse and pleasure boats on the water. Cargo is hoisted off small boats by cranes onto the quayside. Views follow of visitors exploring the York city walls. General views show the city and the Minster, boats on the river, views of the bridges over the Ouse, Clifford's tower and a military parade in the city.

Title: Rowntree Park - York.

General views follow of the park lake, with people paddling in the shallows. Sports are catered for in the park with views of a bowling match and a game ot tennis. Children play in the lake, some with model boats. Other children swim in the outdoor pool, and some play on the swings and park rides such as the 'witches hat'.

Title: Floodgate - Marygate - Rowntree Park.

General views follow of rowing boats on flooded streets.

Next, there are shots of a royal motor cavalcade with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, crowds lining the street.

Title: Empire Exhibition (Glasgow 1938)

Title: Glasgow

Views of some of the exhibition pavilions, including Distillers Company & Australia.

[colour footage]

Various shots of flowers follow.

[black and white footage]

General views of a miniature steam train, and some wrestling in a park. A boy rides his bike, whilst another fixes his machine.

A young man plays a record on an old fashioned record player.

Finally a man builds an air raid shelter with sand bags.

Title: The End