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YFA 2198



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This film by Kenneth Raynor captures the village of Swallownest during periods of heavy snow. This film demonstrates how a small Yorkshire community coped with (and enjoyed) the extreme weather conditions.

The film opens with a shot of a bus driving up a small hill with a house by the road, presumably in Swallownest, South Yorkshire. There is then a close of an old, handheld film camera, before a man sits wearing a trilby and coat, fishing on a fairly icy lake. A man takes a shot of him fishing with a stills camera. The filmmaker then captures a shot of a man walking through a marshy area, before crossing a rickety wooden footbridge.

The next sequence opens with several shots of a village during a blizzard. Small birds forage amongst the snow. Close up of feet stomping through the snow, and then there are several views that show the bare white landscape. A little black dog runs around chasing after its owner who trudges ahead. A frozen stream is then shown, and then a church is visible off in the distance. A group of children in hats and wellington boots have a snowball fight on a street which is lined with terraced houses.

A woman wearing a bonnet then trudges through snow, followed by a young child wearing a white hat and wellington boots. A truck with a snow plough attached clears a street, before the filmmaker captures several shots of people walking through snow covered streets. Birds then fly into a tree and a man carries a sack down an icy road. There is a shot of a Salvation Army building, which has thick icicles running off the roof. A flowing stream is then shown, and a woman wearing a hat looks intently off into the distance at a sunset.

A woman then walks down a street towards a church steeple which surmounts the area, and then there is a series of views of snowy fields and streets. Shot of kids making snow balls are followed by two dogs playing in the street. Another small frozen stream is captured before there are expansive views of Swallownest village taken from a distance.

The filmmaker then concentrates on a completely snow covered tennis court, and the net sticks out from the snow. Shots of the sky and more views of bare snowy landscapes dotted with trees. Little saplings stick out from the thick mounds of snow. Further shots of fields in the snow, and there is one which has a scarecrow off in the distance. Next, a young girl pulls her sled down a snowy road and the sequence concludes with more panoramas of country landscapes and a couple who walk down a road.

Title - Snow on the village.

This sequence opens with hay bales covered in snow, before there are shots of chimneys and telephone poles. A woman pushes a pram down a street, while a horse drawn plough removes some of the snow from the pavement. Three children then shovel snow away from a gateway. The filmmaker then captures various expansive views of white countryside landscape. This is followed by many views if a small forest area, also covered in snow. A cemetery is next and captured from multitude of angles.

Children then throw snowballs at each other wearing hats and coats. Shot of snow covered roofs and a long line of people walking about the streets. The film closes with a shot of a rickety gate in the snow.