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NEFA 21876



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A variety of topics are covered in this home movie including views of rough seas, a family business premises and also a gentleman tests his riding skill on an old penny farthing bicycle.

The film opens showing traffic on a main street which maybe 223 Coatsworth Road in Gateshead where the family business ‘R. Johnston & Sons Ltd’ have premises. Next to the shop is a branch of Lawson's [confectionery store?]

The film cuts to views taken inside the family shop [quite dark]. Filming outside, a woman emerges from the shop and stands in the doorway.

General views follow showing buses and trams in the street. The film cuts to another shop front which appears to be another branch of 'R Johnston & Sons Ltd'. The lettering is much larger on this sign and above the name is the word 'library'.

A change of pace as a man rides a penny-farthing bicycle along a street, while trying to avoid tramlines set into the road surface. Friends help him onto the bicycle when required.

An interior view follows of two women and a man in a brightly lit room in a house.

Another change to more general views of traffic in the street before cutting to a more rural setting showing sheep in a field.  A small herd of sheep at a roadside are alarmed by an approaching Morris Minor car.

The film ends with general views of rough seas pounding a concrete pier followed by the water running up the shore line.