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YFA 3929



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This film documents the events held by the Rothwell Parish Church School during 1913. Events include processions to the local church, the children's sports day and visit to the Empire theatre.

Title - Rothwell Parish Church School feast 1913.

Men march down the road. They are laying playing instruments and other men are carrying a banner behind them: Rothwell Parish Church Sunday School. Girls wearing white dresses and bonnets carry flowers and march behind the band. Children carry banners with the different flag symbols which make up the Union Jack flag other banners including "onwards and upwards" and "come and join us."

Boys march in a drumming band carrying the "Rothwell Parish Church Schools" and boys carry flowers behind them.

Banner "Feed my Lambs".

Two boys carry the Rothwell banner up the church pathway. They are followed by women wearing beautiful dresses and bonnets and by the rest of the children in the procession carrying banners.

On a large field, girls and boys take it in turns to run in races in large groups up and down a small track. Children of all ages walk through the crowds, holding hands, and wandering in front of the cameras path. Older children take part in races down a long track. Race takes places where the boys have to run stop half way to put on a jacket and then run to the finish line. Children gather around a brass band that is playing. The children rush around the field in the crowds. The styles of clothes represent the time and class of the people.

Title - Rothwell Empire the Home of High-Class Photo Plays.

A group of people stand outside the Empire theatre.