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YFA 1174



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This film is part of the Charles Chislett Collection. It is a promotional trailer to encourage people to donate money for a children's party to be organised by Rotherham Round Table for the following year.

Title - Rotherham Round Table

Intertitle - Today no one has too much money! What with the family, the house, income tax, and all the other expenses, including of course the fast approaching Christmas (1956). Money just seems to just fade away. Still - if you do have the odd 6d (or more) to spare, we can use it for you. How? Well watch this!

A large group of children sit watching, and laughing at, a Punch & Judy show.

Intertitle - Last year your help enabled Rotherham Round Table to invite 150 deserving children to a party, and give each child a present. Without your help there would have been No Party! This year it is hoped to give another party. But this depends entirely on you! Remember! This is a Rotherham effort for Rotherham children.

The film continues showing the children watching the Punch and Judy show. A man dressed up in a funny costume performs a comedy act on stage with two children.

Intertitle - Please give generously

The film ends with a letter of support from the Mayor, Frank Davies, addressed to Mr Barclay, the Chairman of RRT.