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NEFA 14536



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Amateur footage in the Armstrong family collection of the parade at Rothbury Carnival, Northumberland, in 1931.

This brief film opens as the Rothbury Carnival procession moves down the High Street. Crowds of onlookers line the street. Various shots of the carnival route include an individual wearing an eccentric white Michelin Man costume hopping along the road. He is followed by a number of children in best clothes or costumes, which include nurse and American Indian outfits. A troop of children in Scottish pipers' outfits march down the road. A man pushes a cart on two wheels. Two lads in school uniforms and flat caps walk beside the procession. A horse-drawn covered float passes. A woman dressed in harem trousers walks between two men in sailor outfits. There is a shot of the covered float with beer barrel load as it passes by Soulsbys Café.