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YFA 343



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Made by Charles Chislett, this is a film of the Rotherham Rotary Club on a visit to Amsterdam.

The film starts in an airplane taking off. The captain is seated in the cockpit, and the co-pilot is reading a map. They land at Amsterdam, and the passengers get off the plane. Another member of the group is filming as they board buses. They join a large a group of children, some with scooters, who are watching a puppet show. Three other members of the club are also filming the same event.

In Amsterdam they watch a parade which is made up of boy bands and lots of flags. Tulips adorn the city. The men cross over a canal bridge, and most of the men wear overcoats or macs. Following this, they then go on a boat trip that tours the canals. The trip takes them to the docks where several of the men film the ships as they pass.

The film closes as the group members eat in a restaurant at the airport concourse, looking out at the sunset.