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YFA 773



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This film is part of the Sharp collection and contains footage from a trip that the club made to Paris travelling by train and ferry.

The film opens with passengers walking along some quays and walking up a gangway onto a ship. Crowds of people passing the camera look and keep walking on. There are shots taken from the quays looking up at the cliffs and hills over-looking the sea and the surrounding dock. Some people walk quickly towards the ship so that they don't miss it; one man can be seen running towards the gangway.

As the ship leaves port, the crowds of people that have gathered on the shore wave. Further out of the harbour there are shots of the cliffs, piers and docks with people waving as they watch the ship sail away. There is a brief shot of some passengers on deck and then shots of a variety of buildings along a dock and a steam train driving through a main street nearby.

The next few shots take place on a coach and are taken from the point-of-view of the coach driver as he drives along a country road in France; there is a brief shot of `The Lady Constance' docked at the edge of a river or canal. Some of the club members pose on deck and smile at the camera. Behind the boat the little port that they have docked at can be seen as well as all of the sailing boats moored beside them. As the ship starts to sail along the water, it passes trees and houses along the shore. A long barge passes by as well as a commercial boat.

The Lady Constance comes to a lock and the gates are opened to let them pass into another section of canal. There are lots of people on barges with smoking chimneys, more large houses and working boats; a small town can be seen on shore from the water. The following shot shows the club members sitting on deck talking, writing and smiling. One of the men waves at a boat, and then the shot cuts to a man sitting on deck peeling potatoes. They pass a section of the Seine with traffic lights and a sign which reads `Port De Sevres Attention Travaux'. They pass a Coty and a Bleriot Aeronautique factory along the shore.

The Lady Constance sails along a wider part of the Seine and some speed boats pass them by. The Eiffel Tower appears in the distance as they sail past many bridges which have carved statues on them. They sail past a Citroen factory, many more bridges with statues attached to the bridges and past a small version of the Statue of Liberty on Iles des Cygnes which is located on the river. They sail past more sights including Notre Dame, museums, and statues.

The ship docks and some of the passengers walk along the shore and talk to some of the French crew. Some of the passengers lean out of their cabin windows and talk to the camera man, then some of the men close up their shirts and wipe their faces and leave the boat. There are more shots of ships on the river and the scenery along it. In the next shot the passengers are back on their boat and sitting in the sun on deck. One of the men comes out on deck wearing lots of big badges on his jacket and holding a glass of beer; he starts to make lots of funny faces at the camera.

The next scene takes place on shore and there are shots of some locals including a woman walking along with a shopping bag and a couple with a black dog; they pet the dog and get it to jump up. The next shot is of an attractive woman sitting on the rocks in the sun talking to another man. She has her blouse off one shoulder and when the couple get up she straightens her clothing.

The club members have gathered outside a large building and they talk and smile at the camera. They all board a coach and this shot then cuts to a point-of-view shot from a horse and carriage as it drives along past the l'Arc de Triomphe. There are lots of shots from the carriage looking across different parts of the city including the Champs Elysses, the statues, the traffic gendarmes and the big buildings.

Back on the boat they sail past a variety of other boats, locks and gates. They pass a sign for `La Roche-Guyon Hostellerie du Beau Rivage' and there is a small crowd of people gathered beside the sign looking at the camera. The passengers disembark and there are shots of some of the local people who have stopped to watch the ship dock. There is a brief shot of a part of the town and the camera pans upwards to show a large, stone tower on the top of a hill.

Then back on the boat and then they dock at another village where there are shots of a market with vegetables, clothes, bric-a-brac and flowers on sale. The final shot is of a building decorated with bunting and flowers; one of the women walks up to the building.