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YFA 1458



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This film features a Rotary Club excursion as well as golf and cricket during the mid 1960s.

The film opens with a group of men golfing. They play a few holes and can be seen making a number of different shots on this sunny day.

Next there is an awards ceremony. One man receives a plaque and appears to make a speech. There is also a humorous poster on the wall featuring pictures of all the men's faces atop can-can dancers.

Some of the club members take part in a cricket game. The wives and daughters are all sitting on a bench ready for the game, and some of them smile and wave at the camera. Once the cricket match begins, the film focuses on the players batting.

The next scene takes place inside a small caf? where lunch is being served. Some of the group members and their families gather outside the caf? when the lunch service is over.

At the seaside, some of the club members are gathered on an overlook near the Kiddies Corner. The small roller coaster is in action, and some of the children play on the slide. The group members walk around the shops and take in the sights.

The film ends with a garden party. The club members seem to be in merry spirits as they smile for the camera while chatting, eating, and drinking. Some relax on chairs while others take a stroll around the garden.